LEGOLAND California 2017 What’s In Store?!?

I donned my LEGOLAND T-shirt on Thursday for the PR event to learn what’s in store coming up in 2017 and beyond. LEGOLAND California has some MORE exciting and fun things in store for us!!  Check it out!! The LEGOLAND Water Park will have a SURFER BAY!! Even the little ones can enjoy this part of the Water Park!! Ride on their bellies on a surfboard!

The kids love LEGOLAND and The Water Park is an absolute highlight of our summer visits. So many places to play, swim and SURF!! I have a feeling next summer we’ll be on Surfer Bay a LOT!!

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If you are in planning mode for your next vacation I truly can’t recommend LEGOLAND Hotel enough!! LOOK at the size of this bed!! (Do I really have to take anyone with me?!)


While the Ninjano Room is super cool looking with it’s huge bed and cool looking walls, personally I can’t wait for the new PRINCESS CASTLE to be built!! You know I’ll be there whether the kids are grown or not!

ninjago-room-wallNow for you Star Wars fans.. drum roll please!!! A LEGO MODEL of the Star Destroyer Finalizer that will be 16 FEET LONG!! Sixteen FEET LONG!!!

Incase you aren’t a Star Wars fan, THIS is the Finalizer! I can’t even imagine this done in LEGOS!!

Seriously, I thought the Death Star was huge! With it’s Half A Million LEGO Bricks!!! It’s 8 FEET WIDE and 13 FEET TALL and weighs in at a whopping 1900 pounds! This thing is massive!! I can’t wait to see the Finalizer in person!! Just another perk of being a LEGOLAND Blogger I’ll get to see it first!! (I think…. I hope… please?!)

So, bottom line…… there is always new and exciting things to do and see at LEGOLAND CALIFONIA!! Don’t forget to grab your Brick Or Treat Tickets!!

Now… if they will just let me loose in that secret LEGO ROOM………


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