LEGOLAND California Tree Lighting 2015

This has to be one of my FAVORITE perks of being a blogger. Trips to LEGOLAND! First I have to gush about LEGOLAND as a whole. If you live in Southern California just get a yearly pass. JUST DO IT!! If you are visiting California put this on the column of MUST GO’s.  I promise you kids of all ages will LOVE it here. There are rides for little kids and big kids. The rides are all included in the cost of getting in. In the summer the pool is PHENOMENAL DO NOT MISS IT!!

The people at LEGOLAND are friendly.  I mean, SMILING, HAPPY and PATIENT people. The employees interact with your kids!! For the little kids the employees actually get DOWN and TALK at their level!!

The park is clean! The park is cleaner than my HOUSE! In the restrooms they even cater to the smaller kids with short sinks. I LOVE that!! I know I’m doing a lot of yelling but I want to be sure you know HOW COOL this place is!!


The  2016 Holiday Snow Days is in full swing! WITH SNOW!!! Okay, okay you’re in the Eastern part of the US and you are rolling your eyes at me and sneering at me and well…. ummm I’m sorry!!  But!! BUT!! Alice is 4-years-old and never played in the snow. Oh my goodness she had a BLAST!! Between the bubble machines that blow out minuscule teeny tiny bubbles that look like snow to the REAL snow in the snow patch.

Along with my dear sweet friend Deborah; her two children Caleb and Charlotte we headed off to a day of absolute FUN!! Starting with the Holiday Snow Days area! There are sleds with a small slope so even little guys can go down. Then there are snow balls!! Not just any kind of snowballs; oh no not at LEGOLAND!! They are snowballs made by a LEGOLAND employee FOR YOU!! (okay, now I know I just lost half of the New York readers…. sorry guys, we are wimpy, spoiled Californians) We had a young man who was so amazing with the kids! (Ohhh, I did write his name down. But, leaving the park? I emptied my pockets of all my lose trash…. and there it went!) The young man was truly patient! Even though Caleb couldn’t throw further than the end of this feet, this young man cheerfully continued to make us snowballs. Then Alice decided she wanted to make her own, yeahhhh…. that lasted for about a 1/4 of a snowball and then tapped the young mans shoulder and said “May I have another snowball please?”  I was dying!! Hey KIDS! We didn’t have this handy little snowball maker when I was growing up in Colorado!!  (For the record? I don’t miss the snow. AT ALL!!)

After our snowball throwing; which by the way Alice has a wicked right arm! (Ya, know in case the Dodgers are looking for a pitcher!)

Okay I know you guys are wondering where the cute kid pictures are right?? After all it really is the only reason that I even HAVE a blog!!  So here are our smiling happy faces.

So now that I’ve shown you how cool this park is let me tell you the main reason we were at LEGOLAND California on November 30, 2015. We were invited to watch the LEGOLAND Tree Lighting ceremony. This is the 16th year they’ve done this here in Carlsbad California. Complete with fireworks! (Which by the way will be happening every night thru December!!) I can’t begin to tell you how giddy this next part made me! Jenna Elfman one of my all time favorite actresses, from one of my all time FAVORITE shows Dharma and Greg was on hand to light the tree. I was so excited to get to see her in person! I have to say, as beautiful as she is on TV; times that by a thousand. Seriously the woman is stunning! Not just her outer appearance, which will blow your socks off! But inside as well. Watching her speak you truly can feel how warm and caring the woman is! I’m even MORE in love with Jenna than before. Jenna spoke passionately about her charity; Youth for Human Rights. After the presentation of a $10,000 check for Youth for Human Rights, it was time for Jenna and her two sons Story and Easton (AND SANTA TOO!) to light the tree. What a spectacular tree lighting that was!!


Pffftttt, all day no fights, no meltdowns. Just an awesome day with a great friend, ending with a very heart-filled presentation from Jenna Elfman. Seriously, HOW can I possibly whine?!?
We received admission into LEGOLAND California for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  • Stacy

    I went to Legoland in California with my brother and my husband a few years ago when my brother got out of the Marines (he was stationed in San Diego). It was during the summer, but we had a blast. I live in Florida and we went to the one here shortly after it opened, and although there are a lot of rides that are the same, it was nice that they re-purposed some of the rides from Cypress Gardens for the new park. I am sure they had a tree-lighting ceremony here at the Florida one and I wish I had been able to make it. I bet the parks look great decorated for the holidays.

  • Sally Wilsey

    That looks like so much frun. Been meaning to take my Granddaughter there. I am not to far. This may motivate me to go.

  • Sue M.

    This is in my neck of the woods (I live near San Diego), I’ll definitely have to check it out, just haven’t had enough time lately! Glad you had such a good time!

  • Tamra Phelps

    My youngest nephew gets the Lego magazine & he constantly says he wants to go to LegoLand. Of course, California is a long way from Kentucky, lol. But if he has his way, he’ll get there!


    This looks like really good fun for the little ones, although my only lasting memories of Lego are the times I’ve stood on one of the pesky little pieces in my bare feet – mega ouch!

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