Summ… summm…. summer TIME!!! (be very glad I didn’t record me singing that intro!!) With 54 days of summer break left Alice and I enjoy a couple visits a week to LEGOLAND® California Resort and of course straight back to the Water Park!! LEGOLAND Water Park just gets bigger, better and wetter every year. We can’t wait for the Surfers’ Cove to open!

Right now though we adore the wave pool, the lazy river is my allllllllll time favorite place!!  There are water slides everywhere. Tons and tons of lounge chairs for a little time out. However, my favorite thing about the LEGOLAND water park?  The life guards. There are TONS of life guards that truly WATCH the pools. We go a LOT during the summer and I’ve never seen the life guards chatting together or goofing on. They are ever vigilant to the swimmers.  I don’t feel like I must have my eyes on 6-year-old Alice each and every single second; which as fast as that little fish swims it’s a really good thing. I truly doubt there is a spot anywhere in the Water Park that you can’t see at least 3 life guards scanning the water.

The LEGOLAND California Castle is still under construction but all visitors see is a colorful wall with LEGO royalty and small viewing windows. I love that LEGOLAND thought of even the youngest park guest and placed windows down low enough for toddlers to get a good look. We check the progress every visit and as you will see in the following video Alice adores the queen!

The LEGOLAND Water Park is open seven days a week!!  For ticket prices, operating schedule and additional information, visit or call 760-918-LEGO (5346).


None!! We adore our time at LEGOLAND California Waterpark we have FUN!! I’m confident that Alice is safe not to mention that Alice is WIPED OUT when we leave!! Of course, if you watched the video you’ll see she is never too wiped out to keep her from kissing the LEGO Queen on the wall. Silly kid!!


  • CJ

    I have great childhood memories of going to the waterpark when I was a kid. So much fun! I haven’t gone to one in years…. I really need to rectify that! 🙂

  • Rosie

    Alice is so cute! I would love to have a wonderful waterpark like this close enough to make it a regular! It is good to know they have lifeguards on the ball, really watching, too.

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