5 Tips for Moms Looking to Stay Busy and Avoid Empty Nest Syndrome!!

empty nest

If your kids are finally about to move out, it’s natural to feel a mixture of anxiousness and excitement.

But bear in mind that empty nest syndrome, the phenomenon of depression, loneliness and emptiness that comes with your children leaving home, is a major problem for many mothers out there.  Fighting these feelings can be incredibly difficult, especially if being a mother has been your main sense of fulfillment over the past few years.

So, what can you do to both keep yourself busy and make sure that you make the most of your kids’ time away? Thankfully, you have no shortage of options regardless of your family’s situation. Whether your kids are about to leave the nest or you still have a few years left with them, keep the following five tips in mind.

Rethink Your Career and Finances

Although making major career or financial decisions as you get older might seem like a backwards tip, the fact remains that it’s never too late. If you have the cash on hand, for example, you might want to think about snatching up some rental property as a long-term investment for you and your family. Given the different types of property managers out there, the options are seemingly endless options out there for parents looking to get started with running a rental.

Do Some Volunteer Work

If you consider yourself to have an especially nurturing nature, why not take that spirit and apply your good will toward others? Depending on what you live, there are a variety of opportunities to do volunteer work such as…

  • Helping out at a local animal shelter
  • Becoming a dividend within your school system
  • Spending time speaking to seniors or patients at a nearby nursing home or hospital

There’s no need to stress yourself out through volunteering: a few hours a week is more than enough.

Focus on Your Creative Aspirations

Motherhood often requires us put our creative aspirations on the backburner. Whether through writing or painting, getting back into your creative endeavors is always a productive way to spend your time. Furthermore, you might want to look into classes at your local college or community center if you’ve been neglecting your artistic hobbies for a while.

Get Back into Shape

Additionally, there’s perhaps no better way to use your free time than by focusing on your health. You don’t have to break your back to break a sweat, either. Yoga or aerobics classes are a great starting point for fitness newbies who haven’t had the opportunity to spend much time outdoors.

That said, finding the time to get outside via biking or regular walks is a great mood-booster that helps ensure that you’re living a healthy lifestyle.

Stay Connected With Your Kids

It’s important to keep in contact with your kids well after they’ve left the nest. Thanks to the modern web and smartphones, it’s arguably easier than ever to stay in touch regardless of how far away from each other you might be.

Beyond texting, making it a point to have some sort of conversation with your child on a weekly basis. Even a short phone call can go a long way to keeping the lines of communication open. Expect to give your kids some space after they first leave home but also let them know that you’re still around long after they’ve left.

Empty nest syndrome is a serious problem for mothers who don’t know how to spend their time after their kids leave home. With these tips in mind, you can keep yourself happy and productive far after your children are gone.

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  • CJ

    I still live with Mom, so this doesn’t apply to me or her, but I have older friends and acquaintances who did take it hard when their kids had left to go out on their own. These tips will be very helpful! 🙂

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