Les Saisons! French For Kids Series! Review AND Giveaway Too!!

4a3f28c6-a0c5-40af-a21e-5806ed1fbae2_zpswwbkmvuaPersonally, I wish I knew a different language, if for no other reason than to talk freely around the kids!!  I have tried to learn other languages but I get lazy. Kids though? Holy MOLY kids pick up a new language so quickly! So, while they are little introduce them to a new language!! I highly recommend Whistlefritz!! The new series for kids is awesome!!  Alice chose to review French for Kids.  Les Saisons (The Seasons). Whistlefritz CD’s and DVD’s are EASY and FUN ways for kids to learn a new language!
I’m not the only one that thinks so! Their awards are many! From Parents’ Choice, Mom’s Choice, Mr. Dad, The Dove Foundation, NAPPA and KIDS FIRST! The folks over at Booklist have praised them as “perfect for both school and home settings.”

Alice, Emma, Eli and myself gave 8 thumbs UP for On Va Jouer (Let’s Play) because it fun and keeps the kids focused! The On Va Jouer DVD’s combined live action, animation, interactive skits and music.

The recently released DVD Les Saisons brings Marie and Fritzi together again!! From dancing to singing along. I was amazed that even the first time in the DVD player 5-year-old Alice was repeating the words and trying to sing along. I’m talking IMMEDIATELY!! She wasn’t getting anything even remotely correct but that didn’t stop her. I was amazed!! The more she watches the more clear her words are getting. WOW!!!

Here is MY lessons for the day for you:  l’hiver means winter and l’automne means autumn. No don’t worry I didn’t know them, I cheated and grabbed it from The WhistleFritz website.

The DVD is a French immersion program. The entire DVD is in French only and lovely to listen too. With lively backgrounds, real children doing real activities like sledding and swimming, even trick or treating kids instinctively keep up and figure out the phrases and words. It’s fun to watch the dvd AND the kids!!

An easy-to-use Translation Guide can be downloaded from the WhistleFritz website by parents and teachers. The program is designed for ages 2-7, Les Saisons is fun for all ages!  Make a playdate with Fritzi and friends for this delightful addition to Whistlefritz’s award-winning French for Kids series.

What a great way to introduce kids to essential French vocabulary.

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Les Saisons is recommended for children ages 2-7 and retails for $19.99.

Whistlefritz once again has a HOME RUN!!  We Marie and Fritz!!  Les Saisons gets two very Enthusiastic THUMBS UP!  Way, WAY UP!!


One lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will receive their own Les Saisons DVD!!  Good Luck!!



  • desiree

    i now a couple of kids who love this one is my grand son he can learn another lanuage my daughter speak some french and she would help him buy doing this

  • Tamra Phelps

    I spent my high school years studying French & don’t remember a lot. If you really want your kids to learn a language, start them young! They learn so easily then & they retain it.

  • clojo9372

    Oh I love this. I have lots of guides and cd/dvd’s to learn languages, but I never have the time and i don’t have the inclination to do it unfortunately. I wish I was able to do it when I was a kid. So I personally think this is a wonderful gift for a child

  • michele

    This is a wonderful way to teach children a 2nd language.. Immersion at a young age is always the best way to go.. Great gift or addition to your home DVD collection

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