Unkudu Earring Giveaway!!! 2 Winners!!

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Earlier this week I shared with you my review of the Unkudu Earrings.  Not only are the earrings themselves absolutely beautiful; but the presentation is amazing!!

From the embroidered cloth bag that holds the exquisite wooden box. All of that before you even get to the unique pair of Hawthorne Hand-Crafted Eco-Friendly Natural Lightweight Vegetable Dyed Wooden Earrings!!  Lightweight earrings that are so beautifully detailed and so stunning that any woman would be proud to wear these earrings.

After the review posted the folks at Unkudu offered me a chance to giveaway TWO pair of Unkudu Earrings!!!

SWEET!!! I am so excited to host this giveaway!!

Unkunu has particular MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS in order to enter.


I’m going to post this as 2 giveaways since there are two different earrings.

This is the first pair The Irvin (Pair A)
If you do not have Amazon Prime there is a shipping charge but I will take care of those charges so that you don’t have to incur any fees. There will be an entry in the giveaway tools so don’t worry!  I gotcha covered.
 unkudu3  unkudu2
The second pair (Pair B) of earrings from Unkudu is this Petunia Pair. These are so super cute!  Another pair of Hand-Crafted Eco-Friendly Natural Lightweight Vegetable Dyed Wooden Earrings beautifully detailed!!
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Good LUCK!!!


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