Ctronics Hidden HD Camera Baseball Cap!!

So, when the Grandkids are yammerin’ at me to PUT down the CAMERA! I have the perfect solution!! I’ll slip on my baseball cap and play. Check this out!! This is a plain black, comfortable to wear, baseball cap with a nice large bill, great for keeping the sun out of your eyes. The special part though is the spy camera that is built into one of the three rivets on the cap.
Ctronics Hidden Spy Cap

Once you charge the baseball cap you are good to go because Ctronics includes with the cap an 8GB memory card, however you can upgrade to a 32GB card if you want longer recording time.

The video quality is really good. However, I have to learn to tilt my head down or I get a lot of sky or ceiling shots as you can see in this video.

The Hidden Camera Baseball Cap is seriously easy to use. There are 3 buttons on the underside of bill of the cap toward where the bill touches the cap itself. The cap vibrates when you turn it on and off by holding the button furthest away from the cap. The middle button will snap photographs. The 3rd button starts your video. The picture quality is very impressive as is the audio. There is an insert inside the cap that Velcros in place; it hides the plug/charger mechanism and the Micro SD card housing too. Those are also hidden under a plain black piece of material; that piece of material makes it a little bit harder to remove the SD card.


I do have a couple of whines with this Hidden Camera Hat. First the rivet that houses the camera; the other rivets are stitched in black and are less conspicuous, the camera rivet is a bronze color. It makes it stand out just a little. Next where the camera is located. It’s too high, you have to constantly remember to put your head down or you are taking a lot of videos of well, spider webs on the porch or the sky! I also haven’t figured out how to change the time and date on the cap, but that’s not a valid whine about the cap. Just my lack of checking the instruction booklet.

Overall this is a great cap for comfort and taking those hidden videos!



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