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Cuteness overload headed your way!! I want to show you CozyPhones. No, I’m not talking about something that my Grandmother knitted for my phone. I’m talking about an adorable soft, fleece headband for kids. What’s so special about this headband is two-fold. First, they are super cute and available in several different fun animal designs. Second, my FAVORITE part, they are headphones!

CozyPhones Frog

5-year-old Alice is into these YouTube Kids videos of Elsa and Anna and Barbie dolls enacting stories. After about a dozen in a row I’m ready to bribe her with ANYTHING!! Swimming, ice cream, a new NaNa!! Whatever it takes just change the channel or watch Big Hero 6 for the one millionth time just turn off the YouTube videos!!

Now I have the best of both worlds!! Alice watches her videos happy as a clam and I get peace and quiet! Ahhhhh…. so nice!!

Not only does the CozyPhone headband fit Alice perfectly without those annoying earbuds that constantly fall out of her ears and without the larger over the ear headphones which make her little ears sweat. These stay where she wants them, comfortably and without slipping. Added Bonus is the fact that you can position where you want the speakers to sit in the headband. You can easily put them over the ears or a little behind them. I like them a little further back than Alice’s ears because she tends to turn things up a little too loud for my tastes. I want to note though, these ultra thin (1/8″ of an inch) speakers are volume limited to 85 db so she can’t really get the volume up too loud. (SUCH an awesome feature!)

More to love is the fact that when these get dirty you can easily remove the speakers and throw this in the washing machine and then into the dryer. The fleece comes out just as soft and cuddly as the day they arrived.

So many cute designs to choose from!! From the Green Frog we reviewed. A black and white Panda An adorable green monster. A purple frog or a yellow smiley face.


No whines here, CozyPhones are soft, machine washable and cute as can be. The 3.5mm plug fits everything from my iPad to the Mama’s iPhone and even Alice’s MP3 player. Alice loves them! It’s all good!

CozyPhones™ is a small family-owned business that started off by selling sleep headphones on Amazon, then developed their own brand of fun, comfortable, kids headband headphones and named them CozyPhones™.

A veteran owned, U.S. based business that truly appreciates each and every customer. They promise 100% satisfaction with every product they sell, if you aren’t totally satisfied, they will make it right.

CozyPhones and their Sleep Phones are available on Amazon and on the CozyPhones Website.

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  • Kate Sarsfield

    Wish I’d had something like this for Mum! She never wore her hearing aids & had the volume so high the tv would tremble!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Now this is a great idea! I get tired of the Youtube videos (of people playing video games) that my nephews watch. These would be perfect for them.


    Now these I would wear! I’ve always wanted to be a TMNT and now Alice & I can be! The volume limit is a great feature.

  • Nancy

    These look cute as well as comfy. Make sure the sound is not turned up too loud on whatever device they are also using. If the parents/ grandparents can hear it, it is too loud and may damage their ears!

  • michele soyer

    OMG these are so adorable….Now of course I have to get some for all my grandchildren in colors that they all love…

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