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LeTouch Bossa 3200mAh Ultra Slim Portable Charger

The folks at LeTouch really know their stuff when it comes to portable chargers. This is my second LeTouch product and I’m equally impressed with each product. What I love the most about both of the chargers I’ve reviewed is their compact size. This Ultra Slim Lightweight Portable Charger is a 3200 mAh charger which is enough charging power to charge my iPad Air or my iPad mini once.

What makes this LeTouch charger so special is the fact that the lightning cable is actually part of the device itself. No having to tote around a cable. The lightning cable fits into the recessed area in the back of the charger. The cord itself is about 4″ long. This is the perfect length to plug-in the charger and lay it on top of the iPad. The charger cord is a lightning cable so it will only work on Apple products such as iPhone 6s, 6, 6/6 s Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, iPad mini, iPad Air; basically any Apple product with the lightning cable.

LeTouch does include a separate micro-USB cable so you can easily charge this battery pack itself using a computer or wall adapter.

The charger itself is sleek and slender size; 5½” by 3¾” and very thin. It’s so lightweight at 150 grams. I love that this adds no weight to my purse or pocket. This charger is actually the same size as my phone, only thinner!

The best perk of this charger is the power gauge! On the side of the unit are 4 blue LEDs to indicate how much charge is remaining in the power bank. Simply tap the power button to see the remaining charge.


This LeTouch Ultra Slim Lightweight Portable Charger battery pack is awesome, from the clear plastic package to the matte gold charger itself. The charger is slender and sleek looking! I’m also impressed with the speed that this charger is able to fully charge my iPad, it charges as quickly as a wall charger does. Added bonus LeTouch offers a one-year warranty. This is a great portable charger!



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