The Runaway Pumpkin A Halloween Adventure Story

PumpkinIt’s almost Halloween!!!!! A little over 30 days away! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Halloween in our house. Today I want to share with you an adorable children’s book from Sky Pony. The Runaway Pumpkin A Halloween Adventure Story.

This book is so cute! When the Little Pumpkin tells his Mom that he wants to have a Halloween adventure. The Little Pumpkin describes the adventure and mom explains what she will do to ensure he has the BEST time ever!


First, how cute are the illustrations?? Bright, fun and HAPPY!!

4-year-old Alice and I read this book and Alice giggles and says “That’s a silly Mommy” I asked Alice is it because the Mommy is helping the Little Pumpkin have a fun time? “No NaNa, the Mommy Pumpkin is always following the Little Pumpkin” Alice had to point out to me that each and every one of the pages has the Mommy Pumpkin watching and protecting. (Smartest kid ever!)

This story is a wonderfully written story of a loving mom that wants to protect her Little Pumpkin while allowing him to stretch his wings.  This Little Pumpkin wants to do it all for Halloween. Ride a witch’s broom, visit a haunted house, dance the monster mash at a party, what about a mummy wrap game? (Which I think will be a FUN activity for all three grandkids on our next play date! Don’t worry, I will share pictures!)  Little Pumpkin will go trick-or-treating and then go on a hayride. All the while Mom tells him what she will do to help him.  Followed by the line “You must have fun, for you are my little pumpkin”


Anne Margaret Lewis is an award-winning and bestselling author of more than ten children’s books. She enjoys working with fun fictional characters and carefully weaving important lessons into her stories. A graduate of the University of Michigan, she lives with her husband and four children in Traverse City, Michigan.

Aaron Zenz works as an illustrator, graphic designer, multimedia designer, toy designer, graphic recorder, college instructor, fine artist, and author. He currently resides in Spring Lake, Michigan.

Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Author: Anne Margaret Lewis
Illustrator: Aaron Zenz
Publication Date:2015-09-01
Number of Pages: 40 Pages
Book Type: hardcover
Book Size: 10″ by 8″


Nope, not a single one. Alice loves The Runaway Pumpkin: A Halloween Adventure Story. When a 4-year-old requests a book you know it’s a keeper!



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