LeTouch® Bossa 1350mAh Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank

Ohhh hooo hooo! Check this OUT! The Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank from LeTouch! What makes this power bank so special? It’s slim. It’s SUPER slim!! Truly this is the thinnest power bank I own. Thin as in the size of a credit card; although it is thicker (but not by much!) than a credit card which makes it super portable. It’s also the lightest power bank I own; weighing in at 1.5 ounces!! The short 1″ BUILT IN cable charges faster than any other power bank I own as well.

I love the fact that I can put this in my wallet or even my back pocket if I want. This is the most compact power bank I have owned! This is also the prettiest! It’s a beautiful shiny gold with the white logo along the top and a matte gold color on the bottom. The back side of this power bank is solid white. The way the power bank looks you would think it was a camera at first glance with the cord in the corner that resembles a flash.
Le Touch2Push that white square toward the back of the LeTouch and you have the power cord. BRILLIANT design!!
I was able to fully charge my Galaxy S4 Phone a full two times on a single charge. Charging the LeTouch takes a little over two hours. I love the fact that LeTouch also includes a 2.5″ charging USB cord.



My only whine is the fact that there is no indicator as to how much charge is left in the power bank. As it is right now I charge the power bank after two charges of my S4.  An indicator light would be very helpful. Over all this is a GREAT power bank!! I LOVE the fact that the power cord is attached. All I need is this and my phone. No extra cords needed!! So easy!! (Okay I have to say it again….) and SO PRETTY!!



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