Let’s Get This Party Started!

I may not have been overly excited about moving (it’s SO MUCH WORK!!) But, I have to admit that decorating our new house is SO MUCH FUN!!

I am truly having a blast! I have an entire house; an entire blank canvas to decorate. 

I am bringing together items from our old house in California and mixing in new items. I’m mixing antiques and modern. I’ve told you before I have very eclectic tastes. I love mixing things that don’t seem to go together. Silver and gold. Framed photographs and unframed canvases. I love mixing the antiques that were handed down from my Grandparents to sleek new things. I figure, my house, my rules. I’ll make ’em up as I go. 

The top floor landing is a unique area it’s about 8′ by 8′; its just a large open area. I’ve decided to add my fun artwork to that area. A mix of new and REALLY old stuff. 

I have an antique chair that will look amazing in that corner.  I’ll be sure to update pictures when our furniture arrives and get’s placed. 

I spend every evening scouring the internet for the best deals I can find. Not just for decor items; furniture but everyday items as well. Setting up a new house is expensive!!!!!  I have to save money where I can otherwise there will be several really empty rooms! 

Even is I hadn’t just moved I would still be interested in saving money.  Seriously! Who doesn’t love a great deal? A great place to start is to click here

I especially love that I everything gets delivered to my doorstep. Seriously, when you live on top of a mountain outside of a small town, Internet shopping is truly the only way to go!! It doesn’t matter what I need; shoes to rugs. Even a television stand (which is my next purchase). 

While moving boxes do make a great television stands, they don’t really go with the theme of the master bedroom and it definitely does NOT go with this view!!

Okay, it’s time for me to shop,so I gotta go! See ya tomorrow! 


  • Rosie

    You deserve to have some fun time shopping after all that packing and moving!! I love niche areas like the top of landings, one of my favorite niches is when stairs turn half-way up and there is a window there. Save some decorating for down the road. One thing I noticed about when I had moved if I redecorated too much too fast, within a year I wanted to change an entire room or so, which is OK if you can afford it and don’t mind the work. You are probably one of the few people who doesn’t have to worry about a crook stealing your packages from your door step – unless one of those bears sniffs something tasty in a box.

    • Connie Gruning

      Rosie, I think you have a great point with the decorating. We still haven’t gotten the carpeting in so I don’t have any furniture except the table. So I will probably change everything around.

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