USB Vinyl-To-MP3 Record Player Review

USB Vinyl-To-MP3 Record Player, 3 Speed, Stereo Built in Speakers, Belt-drivenThis is a great little turntable by Lauson! My last USB compatible turntable was about 3 times the price and didn’t do everything this Lauson turntable does.
Vinyl Record to MP3 Player
I work all day with my headphones in and rarely are in cell phone service so I’m not able to use internet radio apps. Being able to get music saved on my phone is important. Now with the Lauson turntable I’m able to save my favorite records on my phone for those long days at work!

Vinyl to MP3 player
Lauson has made it easy to convert your vinyl records to MP3. I’m pretty much a caveman with a computer and even I was able to convert and save my favorite records with just a few clicks! The program installs extremely easily and the user interface, while looking confusing, is actually quite easy to use.

So being able to convert your records to MP3 is cool, but the Lauson has a couple more tricks up the sleeve. This can be used as a complete stand alone unit with its built in speakers, front mounted headphone jack or line output RCAS on the back. The stereo speakers built in are not the greatest but at mild listening levels in the background it is a nice bonus. The line level outputs are pre-amped so there is no need for a phono pre-amp! That is a big benefit to me since this will be used primarily in my bedroom, not where most of my audio equipment is.

My only real gripe with the unit is there is no eject lever to lift the needle from the record and I’m not real good at plucking the needle off the record or dropping it at a specific track.

convert vinyl records to mp3
All in all I still recommend this unit highly, it should do just about everything you need it to!

This post was written by my son Zac, a regular contributor here on PBnWhine. Zachary is a audio sound specialist.


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