Life House decor for every room!

Well, hello! Come on in! Ummm but don’t step on my new rug.

Rug from LifeHouse

Seriously! It’s so PRETTY!! DO NOT get it dirty! Trust me, The Husband has heard “wipe your feet OUTSIDE” every time the front door opens since my rug arrived.

Previously we had a piece of left over carpet in front of the front door. Ugly with all the loose fibers and strings on all the edges, yes very ugly but effective.

Our new rug from Life House Now is so perfect for our home!  Seriously,  the colors couldn’t match better if I had gone through our house and picked out our main colors.  I didn’t even have to fully unwrap the package before I was ohhh and awwweeeing.

The rug arrived folded but within 24 hours the rug had relaxed immensely.  Since then it has relaxed even more.

Not only is the rug is thick but has great heft to it.

This rug is extremely well made. It reminds me of the rag rugs that my Grandmother created.

Light House Now

This Cider Mill Jute Rug truly has the classic country look that I decorate with throughout my home.

The rug has machine stitching that holds the braiding together, which means my rug will be at the front door for years.

Both sides of the rug are exactly the same.

As excited as I am over my new rug, I have to say rugs are just a tiny selection of what is available at Life House Now.

From storage to cabinets! Baskets and lamps! Even 2 person kitchenette sets. End tables and vases. Rugs, so many beautiful rugs! For every single room of the house. LifeHouse has everything you need to decorate your home. The prices are amazing too!

I would love to know what catches your eye at Life House Now.



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