Light Up A Room With Style!

I’ve mentioned in the past that this house has so many recessed lights. I mean we are talking a SERIOUS amount of lights. My craft room alone has 14 recessed lights. The master bedroom and the main floor have even MORE!!!

Don’t get me wrong light GOOD!!! Especially in the winter!! HOWEVER, when you just want to sit quietly, listen to music and relax all that LIGHT is not my idea of a relaxing atmosphere. 

I started looking around for a floor lamp. A unique floor lamp that would give us soft light.

Check out this floor lamp from Wello. The light is 52″ tall.  The lamp is 9″ wide so it will fit anywhere!

The white linen shade does need to be ironed or steamed. It is really wrinkled when it arrives.  So much so that I really hated the lamp at first. I decided before I boxed it up and sent it back that I would try Fabreeze Wrinkle Release on it. That did not work. So I decided to try steaming the wrinkles out. WOW!! It’s like an entirely different lamp. It’s beautiful!!

The linen shade is double layered so you don’t get the glare from the double light bulbs.

Speaking of light bulbs, the lamp takes two. The dimmable type and get this……. the lamp COMES with light bulbs!!!

I can set the light to a soft glow or a bright white. AND even better?! (I know….. what else could be better!?) there is a remote control that arrives with the lamp and you can customize FOUR! different light settings. There is also a foot button for on off as well.

The Bamboo base is grooved so the fit is sturdy and that makes the lamp sturdy as well. 

There are white metal screw together core pieces. Each piece is marked in alphabet order. The core piece uses spring tension to hold the shape of the lamp shade.

I am so pleased with this floor lamp!! So pretty!!!!!!!!!

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