Listen & Play Zoo Bingo From Learning Journey #toys

The more I am exposed to The Learning Journey the more impressed I am. They have games that are well made, durable and FUN!! Added bonus the kids are actually learning as they are playing.

Match It! Listen & Play Zoo Bingo is perfect for young readers and is designed to assist young children with sound, object and word recognition.

Press the Electronic Sound button, identify the sound and find the corresponding picture card. Since the player card and the picture cards have the picture AND the words you can actually play the game several ways.

Listen to the sounds and match image to image or image to words or even word to word.

The game includes an electronic sound making button, 4 double-sided game boards, 36 picture word cards and suggestions for various ways to play the game. For two to four players. The game is recommended for children ages 3+ years.

Once again The Learning Journey proves it’s a GREAT place to find items for your kids; items that are FUN and your kids don’t even realize that they are learning!!!

Once you push the electronic sound making button the sounds are played 3 times, then a chime sounds to indicate it’s the next player’s turn.  The object is to be the first to fill up your board.

MORE TO LOVE: The game board and tiles were made of heavy cardboard. Alice is four and NOT the gentlest of children and these tiles are holding up nicely!! I also love, love, love that the electronic sound button is at a wonderful sound level. Not overly loud and annoying. Listen & Play Zoo Bingo is Awesome!!


It’s an easy game to play. Alice picked it up immediately. I use it as a teaching game. Learning to sound out the animal names. Identify the sounds. Alice has a great time; she actually knows the animal sounds better than me!! I can’t tell a hyena from a bear! The Learning Journey Listen & Play Zoo Bingo proves again they KNOW kids!!


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