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Have you ever wondered what your pet sees?  Or what the crawling baby and toddlers see??  ME too!! I have a fun review to share with you today! A wearable camera!!  Check out the MeCam.  So of course the first thing I did was head over to my girl friend Debs house. She has two little munchkins, one of which is just a year old. OH MY GOSH!! Some of the video below is when we gave the baby the camera. SO FUNNY!!

First, the MeCam is not a Go-Pro! The camera captures video in 720p. The still camera captures images with 5 megapixels. The final resolution of the video is 720 by 1280 P with 30 frames per second. NOT BAD at all!  The camera has an 8GB micro SD card but you can upgrade to a 16GB SD card.

I’ve found that the camera does the best outside in bright light.  But, it doesn’t do too shabby in the dark because it uses infrared lights.

The camera can be worn one of two ways with the rubbery elastic cord necklace or the safety-pin that is attached to the back of the MeCam.  The elastic cord has to be threaded through the small loops on the back of the camera. That probably took longer than actually learning the camera! Yup, it’s that easy to use.

I found that pinning the MeCam over my heart was the best place. I also find that sitting still gives me a lot less shaky video. I also recommend taking 2 aspirin before you watch the 1 year old’s video. HOLY MOLY no wonder babies cry!!

While you are watching this video please remember that I have only been using this little guy for 2 weeks and the videos were my first attempts!

 The camera has a Li-Ion battery and will record for 80 minutes of continuous run time.


The MeCam has three buttons On/Off, pictures and video. There is a built in microphone. Charging the MeCam is super easy with either just a USB plug or in your computer. The MeCam works with both MacOS and Windows.


I do wish that there was a more secure way to attach the MeCam to clothing. With just the safety-pin the MeCam moves a lot, to combat the movement just move slower. Over all this is a FUN camera!!! Next wearer? The DOG!!!



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