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I know that a lot of the Little Peanuts wondered why I would add Little and Lively to my sidebar. Most of us don’t have littles anymore. So, I wanted to take this time to share a little bit more about this company.

Little & Lively Family

It’s NOT just for LITTLES!! Oh my goodness do they have some of the cutest adult items too!!

AND for those of you who have littles in the family, whether Grands or yours, the selection is adorable!! From dresses to sweaters, tops to shorts. AND, with summer (eventually!) coming around, you must check out the swimwear! Alice is sooo very lucky that The Non lives in Idaho or we’d be sporting matching suits. I DO NOT care if she is 11. Of course, I would not show her until we were at the pool (that’s what cover-ups are for).


mom and daughter matching swimsuits

Things that I am especially impressed with:

First. The adult models are REAL size! I know that the skinny, young models appeal to a lot of shoppers. I on the other hand at almost 65 (and NOT tall, skinny or young!) want to see some REAL size women. Little & Lively HAS THEM!! That made me so happy.

Second. This is a small family company. I love families that work together and play together.

Third. The clothing is so dang cute!! Men, women, kids THEY are all cute.

Forth. Extremely well-made clothing with attention to details. For instance, my new Duster Cardigan is the perfect addition to my wardrobe! Spring in Idaho is still a little (A LOT!) chilly. We still haven’t hit 50°!  One thing about Idaho is the stores keep the heat turned up. So, wearing my down coat while shopping is miserable. I found my Duster to be the perfect weight. This SootheKnit cardigan is perfect. AND SO SOFT!! I love soft!! The color?! It’s so beautiful! A perfect caramel color.

womens-duster-cardiganThe slightly oversized item features a full-length sleeve and pockets! It’s got POCKETS!! I love Pockets!!


Our signature blend of bamboo/cotton fabric that we use in all our garments is ethically-sourced from renewable materials. The result is an incredibly soft, durable garment with just the right amount of stretch. Made from natural fibres, it’s breathable, moisture-wicking and antibacterial.

Not too short and not too long! The perfect length. I can dress it up or dress it down! I can (and do!) wear it from sunup to sundown!

I’m hoping that you will take a look at Little & Lively. I think you will be as impressed as I am.

Here are a couple more of my favorites to entice you!

No Whines here! Just cute, comfortable clothing for the entire family.

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