Ummmm look!!  SHINY!!!  Yes, I do get easily distracted!!  Michigan is such a beautiful state in the fall.  The colors are intense.  The town my daughter lives in is as cute as it could be….. she and her family live off mostly dirt roads…. I tell you all this because… well, have ya ever driven on a dirt road?  Ummmm NOW have you ever driven on dirt roads with about a million stitches in your stomach?  WELL, THEN!! WHY would you give ME the keys to the car??  I am driving and site seeing and I am from CALIFORNIA! We aren’t known for our slow driving skills!!!  I believe my daughters words were something to the effect of “ARE YA TRYIN’ TO HIT EVERY pot hole and rut in the road?? MOthER!!”
Hummm?  Wha??  huh?? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OHHHHHHHHHHHH maybe I should slow down too then huh????  The look I got?  Well, it’s not something I care to write about in a fairly family friendly blog.   Anyway, she WAS feeling better… until this morning that is.  (On the other hand… I did get some great pictures…. an apple/cinnamon doughnut and an apple fritter and a pumpkin and… well….. never mind…… let’s not dwell on that!! 

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