Time to go…….

You know it’s time to go when your 7 month old Grandson and 2 year old Granddaughter have had enough of Nonnie putting a camera in their faces every 5 seconds! But, I’m soooooooo not ready to leave.  The week went too fast!  The GK are to perfect for words and well, my daughter needs me again…… since I broke her yesterday that is……. I wonder how far away I should let my son-in-law get from the airport before I call and say I missed my flight?  I mean not too far that he leaves me there… (they are an hour away from the airport)  but not so close that he knows I am faking it….. hummmmm then there is the whole who tells DH I decided to stay??  Emmmaaaaaaa wanna do Nonnie a big favor???  Get the phone…..

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