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If there was ever a book that screamed out to me Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn is it.
I truly enjoyed this book.

First, it’s a love story. Yeah! I am a huge romance reader. Oh how I love me some mushy stuff.

Second. Letters. Letters as in fancy script, funky script. Frilly script, skinny script. Wait. What??

Yes, the book is a love story. Girl ruins guys engagement… wait, what? (BTW it’s NOT a spoiler. This happens in the first few pages of the book. I would never spoil a good read for you! HONEST!!)

Love Lettering is also a love story over fonts. I have always been attracted to signs. Here in Sandpoint Idaho there are tons of unique signs. I think Meg (the main character in the book) would be in Heaven here!

Yes, I sat in the car finishing this love story while The Husband had his doctor appointment. I decided to snap a picture of the cover for this blog post when I looked around just from where I was parked and noticed all these lovely styles of writing just on this one corner. I’ve seen these stores tons of times. Today however, I really LOOKED at them. They are all unique and interesting. Right???

If you follow my Instagram you know how excited I get when I see a letter in some obscure
object like a tree trunk or snow! Or even the Z in the cloud! Or a stray vinyl letter.

This love story is full of rich characters. This love story is full of whimsy. Yup, that’s the word I would use for the book.

Meg comes into her own. From her business, to her personal life, to her love life. Reid. Ohhh Reid. How you remind me of The Husband. Seriously, my husband when we met had NO sense of humor. Smart. Focused. NERD. I can so see The Husband in Reid which made this book even more enjoyable to me.

The Husband and I met when we were both working at San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. We were on the night shift. His phones were transferred to my work station after his secretary left for the day. HELLO!? Now I have to answer this jerks phone AND do my own work?! WHAT?!?! So, one night he stopped to get his messages. I said “Hard hat, keys” he looked puzzled. I continued “YOU my friend are GROUNDED. Hard hat. Keys”  After a long stare down (mind you I’m a low level clerk, he’s a General Foreman) The Husband actually stuttered “But, I’m in charge?”  He did NOT get that I was joking.  Ohhhh yeah….. Reid and The Husband are the same character.

I love the way Meg and Reid interact together.  I do love me a mushy love story and if you do too, this book is for you!


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