Make Every Day a Good Hair Day!

Wigs have been around for centuries. Archaeologists have found them in pharaoh’s tombs, the court of King Louis XIII was famous for its elaborate lace wigs and we all recognize pictures of the Founding Fathers dressed in their elaborate, pompadour powdered wigs.

Wigs are no longer reserved for high society. New technology makes it possible to create synthetic hair fibers that are easy to care for and natural in appearance. They are available and affordable for anyone to enhance their natural hair or ensure a good hair day, every day! The hard part may be choosing the style. Wigs are readily available in cuts, such as a page, pixie and layered styles. Various lengths are also available in almost any style. You may find yourself ordering two or more because you can’t decide!

Hair extensions have joined the wig market offering added choices for styling. No longer do you have to spend hours at the beauty salon for the cosmetologist to weave in the extensions- you can add them yourself at home in minutes! You can opt for a regular hair extension to create fullness or go for a side bang fringe to change your hairstyle in seconds. Ponytail extensions add length and thickness to your own.

Colors are also more natural and you can find several colors with highlighted shades of brown, black, red or blonde U part wigs to match your own hair shade on such convenient sites as


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