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Winkine 2015 Tassel Handbag

Check it OUT!!! This is the Winkine 2015 Fashion Tassel Handbag. A buttery soft black PU Leather. In case you’re like me and don’t know what PU Leather is; per Wikipedia Bicast leather (also known as bi-cast leather, bycast leather, or PU leather, sometimes described as split leather) is a material made with a split leather backing covered with a layer of polyurethane (hence the term “PU leather”) that is applied to the surface and then embossed.

  • ✔ STYLISH DESIGN. Stylish over the shoulder bag with tassel design. Metal details on this bag off set the black nicely and make for a classic look.
  • ✔ HIGH QUALITY. Quality soft PU leather with fabric lining. Very soft to the touch and comfortable to wear for multiple hours.
  • ✔ PERFECT SIZE. With this bags medium size it is great for every occasion. Take this bag with you for errands, to work, to school, on a trip, etc.
  • ✔ PRACTICAL. This bag is light to carry making it very practical to carry around for a large amount of time. It also has a large capacity to put essential items.

I absolutely LOVE this handbag! Perfect as my daily bag because it holds TONS of stuff!! The bag is divided into 3 main sections. The middle section has a zipper with a decorative zipper pull, I use the middle for my items that I don’t want to dig for; nail file, lip gloss, pens etc. There are 2 pockets on one side of the Tassel Bag, I do wish the pockets were deeper because my cell phone doesn’t fit in it well enough to keep it IN the pocket. I use those pockets for a charging cord and my iPod and notepad. On the outside of the bag is a another zippered pocket which holds my phone perfectly!! The entire purse closes with a great sturdy zipper with another decorative pull. The bag is completely lined with a silky thick material. Also included is a detachable shoulder strap; although the handles are deep enough I can comfortably wear this bag on my shoulder so I don’t need the extra strap.

The Winkine 2015 Fashion Tassel Handbag is a great size at 19.3″ by 13 x 3.1″ and only weighs 1.8 pounds.

I love all of the little details of this bag!! The detachable tassels to the rose gold grommets. There is absolutely nothing about this bag that I don’t LOVE!!!! Truly an amazing buttery soft bag that is well made and stylish. This bag FEELS like real leather!

The bag even arrived in a thin dust bag which I like because I can always store this bag away if I’m not using it.


My only whine would be the depth of the cell phone pocket. I do wish that was deeper. It’s a very minor whine. Overall, this bag looks amazing and holds a TON of stuff!! I LOVE THIS PURSE!!!




    I love pockets in my bags and I don’t know about you but I put my PU bags in the waching machine on a gentle wash to kill the bugs and so far no complaints!

  • Sherrie C.

    Nice looking handbag and I love that it holds lots of stuff. When I go shopping for a purse that’s a requirement of mine. It has to be big and I have to be able to fit everything because I always carry quite a bit with me when I’m out and about! I love that cute little tassel too 🙂

  • Pamela Gurganus

    This handbag looks great! Not only do I like the appearance of it, but it’s just the right size and would be a good bag to use for every day. I also really like how soft and pliable it is. Thank you for sharing this review and I really enjoyed watching the video!

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