Making a Lifetime Commitment to Your Wellbeing

In today’s generation many do what feels good for them now, as opposed to delaying instant gratification. It’s all about buying that new car before you can afford it, taking a vacation instead of saving, and not planning for your future. It doesn’t help that society adds to this mentality by blasting advertisements on the radio and television on how the latest weight loss clinic will help you achieve your goals – but only if you sign up now! It’s challenging to wait for things and achieve it the old fashioned way instead of getting everything you want now.

It’s the same thing with your physical and emotional wellbeing. Due to some people’s mentality you may not save up enough money or take care of your health. Furthermore, you are most likely wasting time on toxic people and hobbies that are taking away from a simpler lifestyle. Yes, this sounds depressing, but luckily you alone are in charge of your future, and you can change it, starting now. Plan not only for your health but where you will live when you’re older. That way when it comes time to retire and live at an aging community, you’ll have a place to call home.

Put Money Aside

Putting money aside when you are young is important because you will need it when you are older or have to go into rehab, for example. Instead of frivolously spending your money on everything that looks appealing, start a savings account. If you have trouble setting any money aside, try placing a set amount weekly or bi-weekly. Slowly but surely your savings account will add up.

Simplify Your Life

Perhaps some of your problems are distractions. Distractions are okay, as long as they don’t consume your life. If your phone keeps buzzing all day because your Twitter app is sending you notifications that you tend to look at every minute, turn off the notifications. The same rule applies with other apps – don’t allow them to control your life. It’s no doubt fun, but it can be a huge time waster and worse, suck away your time. Keep life simpler by putting emphasis on the people and hobbies that matter. Only then will you live a simpler life that’s more fulfilling. Your health will be better as well!

getty_rm_photo_of_older_womanFind an Aging Community You Love

When it’s time to retire, and you’re unable to live on your own, find a retirement center that is the right fit for you. You may want to live at one where a few friends live so that you can focus on your relationships. Furthermore, look for a home that has another service such as rehab and community activities that’ll help you live a fulfilling life.

Think about other you can stay young and full of life now and your life will be much easier in the future. Exercise regularly, eat well-balanced meals and plan ahead for your future. If you make a commitment to your well-being, now life will be a lot easier down the road. Don’t be afraid to ask for help along and way and live a life you love!

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