Making the Most from Your Streaming

Nowadays everyone seems to have either a tablet or smartphone which means that we’re shifting away from the computer and more into streaming media thanks to Netflix, YouTube, and all of the social apps.
Streaming media, in short, is what we’re into.
The problem is that we’re still at that point when there are a boatload of choices and sometimes it’s hard to decide what’s the best dollar-per-entertainment value for our time.
Coming from someone that has all these types of devices and have explored plenty of entertainment options I have a few suggestions:
·  FIRST: You want to make sure that you have the right broadband to support all of your devices and streaming. Many people have found that some of the Verizon promos floating around are helpful when they want to cut down the pricing of their ISP services and get some great speed. Once you have the right subscription the rest basically falls into place.
·  SECOND: You’ll want to purchase some kind of set-top box like a Roku or Apple TV so that you have access to all of the great services like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video. With these two you can basically cut out all of cable (with practice) to be your main source of T.V. programming. Nowadays there are so many shows and movies that you could binge watch for months without getting tired compared to normal programming.
·  THIRD: If you’re the gamer type then you definitely want to install Steam and take advantage of their summer and winter sales. During these sales you can find AAA games (and many indie ones) going between 25 – 75% off the normal price. When you factor in their entertainment-per-hour cost you are looking at some major savings when you start downloading (or streaming) the games to your computer or main TV.
·  FOURTH: For other types of entertainment (like music) I would highly recommend something like Spotify or Pandora. Regular radio is full of ads plus you don’t get to choose what you get to hear so with an app like Spotify or Pandora, coupled with a Bluetooth speaker, you can stream all your music without all the annoyance of normal radio.
·  FIFTH: I’d say relates to education. In between those downtimes in your college courses or if you’re just looking to learn something new – sites like Udemy or Khan Academy are fantastic for streaming video to learn a new skill or trade. Devote an hour or two a day to one of these platforms and it’ll pay for itself because you may wind up in a higher-paying career.
In all, we live in a really exciting time. Though sometimes we don’t get the best speeds we are still at a point when we have full access to all kinds of entertainment and education. With streaming we can explore the world, have a laugh, and learn something new every day. All you need is the right connection, the right gadgets, and the openness to do more with your Web experience than chat on Facebook or check the latest gossip columns. It’s all out there – go get it.


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