ID Shield RFID Blocking Sleeves GIVEAWAY!!

I was going to type out; in detail; the reasons that I believe you should be protecting your credit card information. But, then I found that ToNic Innovations already had an extremely helpful video! Check it out!

Did you realize someone could steal your credit card information in under 5 SECONDS?!? Someone bumps into you and BAM they could have your information?!?! WHAT?! I was more convinced than ever these RFID blocking sleeves were a MUST have!!

The ID Shield RFID Blocking Sleeves block identity thieves from stealing your credit card information from concealed card readers. These sleeves are thin enough that they fit in my wallet easily. They aren’t overly thick and yet still tear and water-resistant. ID Shields look like the same sleeve your bank has except with a very important addition! ID Shield Sleeves are made with a special foil that blocks the signal.

What is RFID and how does it work?

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, is the technology that lets you simply wave your credit, debit, transit, identification card, passport or license in front of a nearby scanner instead of having to slide the magnetic stripe through it. It’s a fairly simple concept. The electronic scanner sends a signal that an antenna in the card receives and uses to activate the RFID chip. Unfortunately, criminals with minimal technical skills can construct their own RFID readers with a few simple supplies. These devices can steal your private financial information quickly and silently—all the perpetrator needs to do is come near your wallet with the hidden card reader. And the worst part is the cards don’t have an off switch.
Sneaky little b$#(%@!! Bad guys don’t even need to steal your wallet!!


Each order of RFID blocking Shield Sleeves comes with an ID Theft prevention e-book; which has some excellent tips for you!

Each order includes 10 ID Shields, which was more than enough for DH and myself. I don’t carry a lot of credit cards. DH said if I have credit card debt I have to get a real job. ACKKK!!! Nothing cured a shopaholic quicker than that!! I enjoy my days with Alice waaaaaayyyy too much. It also makes me want to guard what money I DO HAVE; to the last penny!!


One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own set of 10 ID Shield Sleeves. Good Luck!



  • Maryann D.

    Just last week I got an email and phone call from my credit card company for fraud on my card. It was before 8AM and someone tried to use my number in about 4 on-line stores. Luckily my credit card company stopped the charges. They had to send me a new credit card and I had to destroy my old card. I don’t know how they got my number.

  • Suzanne K

    I have had my CC info stolen/used across the country. And, I’ve gotten a debit card that had RFID and sent it back, requesting non-RFID card. But, I know lots of my other cards have RFID info so I’d love to have these!

  • Ann Fantom

    Yes, my credit card number has been stolen in the past. Yes, I have been hearing a lot of stories lately on how easy it is to steal CC info

  • Chris O

    I have NO IDEA how someone in Spain managed to try to use my cc. Luckily for me, my cc company was on the ball & called me about it. The charge was denied & I was sent a new card.

  • Rosanne

    Yes it seems like every so often my card gets compromised and has to be changed which is a big hassle. Didn’t know about these sleeves.

  • abedabun dawn

    No, I have not been a victim of credit card theft but I had and am still having a problem with someone using my ss#. The worse part about it is, it seems there is nothing I can do about it. The person who used my ss# seems to have more rights than I have.

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