Making The Right Moves On Moving Day!


We all get excited by the idea of moving to a new place. However, the moving process itself is rarely ever fun. A good move requires careful planning in order to make sure nothing get left behind or indeed broken en route. Here are some tips for making moving day a success.

Don’t leave packing until last minute

Packing the night before moving day isn’t advised. In fact, you’re better off to start packing weeks if not months before hand. This will give you a chance to rummage through clutter zones such as the loft and garage and get rid of anything you don’t need. It may give you time to sell things online or take things to charity shops to donate. There are certain things that you should pack last minute such as kitchen utensils, toiletries, medication and food (in fact, it’s worth creating an emergency bag for these), but when it comes to the bulk of your possessions you should start early.

Put labels on boxes

There’s nothing worse than getting to your property and wanting to find something quick, but not knowing which of the fifty boxes you put it in. Put labels on all your boxes so that you know the contents of each box. This will allow you to prioritize the unpacking process without having to open every box first. You could even take photographs of boxes before closing them up to save listing lots of different items on the side.

Get a helping hand

Many hands make light work. It’s worth getting some friends and family members to help with the move so that it gets done quicker. You may need other people for moving certain heavy items. In some cases, it may be better to hire a moving company such as
MyBekins. Moving professionals can help deal with fragile and bulky items in a fast and efficient manner.

Keep kids and animals out of the way

You don’t want kids and animals running around your feet as you’re moving heavy items. It’s worth getting somebody to babysit your children and pets so that you’re not constantly on the lookout for them. Remember to pack items in your emergency bag such as pet food and diapers so that you’re not sifting through boxes to find them once you reach your new home.

Remember to clean your old property

It’s courteous to leave your old property in a clean condition for the next owner. Most agents may even fine you for not cleaning up afterwards. You can clean the property yourself, although this can often be a disheartening job when all you may want to do is get into your new home. Instead it could be worth paying a professional company to do it for you. There are many cleaning companies that work with moved out properties such as Move Out Mates that can help to make your old home spic and span for the next owner.

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