ZENMED To The Rescue

Aging sucks sometimes doesn’t it?? Of course, the alternative well….. I will take aging. Blotchy skin, chin hairs, age spots, aches and all. (BTW, when was the last time I whined about moving? 35 years in one house means there is A LOT OF STUFF to sort, clean, pack and right now my entire body ACHES!! Even that one chin hair that I have been meaning to pluck all weekend!)

So, Aleve and a hot shower will help my aches and pains tonight. As far as the age spots and blotchy skin I have ZENMED’s HiDef CC Powder. I have some area’s of my face that have started to take on a very pretty red tone. Oh heaven forbid they would be on cheeks so that I could say I have that natural GLOW about me. No, my nice red splotches are between my eyebrows and along the bridge of my nose.

ZENMED’s HiDef CC Powder might look scary with its almost florescent yellow color (trust me, my eyes almost popped out of my head when I opened the compact! MAN that’s yellow!!)

HiDef CC Powder

HOWEVER, I apply this with a puff, I actually press the color into the areas that are red, then I buff out and all over my face with a large brush and voila! RED GONE! Yellow? Nope, just my own natural coloring shows up. Quick, easy and no more red! Not only no redness but my pores disappear as well! This is a great CC powder.
Check the before and after pictures. WOW one eye is really bigger than the other!! Was it always bigger?!


HiDef CC Powder
Did ya notice that I even put on mascara for you?!?! I don’t do that for just anyone ya know.

I’ve also been using ZENMED’s Stretta product. This is a product designed to help minimize stretch marks and scars. This one takes a while to show results. Stretta is not recommended for the face because it has a high Glycolic Acid content. I’ve been using this on a scar on my arm, I haven’t seen any improvement as yet but I will keep you posted.

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