Why is it so hard to remember to take a picture a day until 7pm at NIGHT?!??!?  UGH!!  I have GOT to start early in the day thinking of what to take a picture of!!!!!!!!!  Hummmmmmmm what to photograph at 7pm???  Did the dog….. did the kid…. ummmmmmmmm LET’s go outside!!!!!! 

It’s pitch black outside except the moon………… and the High School lights from the football game.  I love the look of the lights over our back fence.  I swear I could have a night time BBQ and only use the high school field lights.  Whew…. look at me!! 6 days into the challenge and I’ve done 6 days!! Can I get a WHOOT WHOOT????  Fine ….. still ….. just sayin’ 6 days!! IN a ROW!!

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