May 8th Photo-A-Day H

So G ended out to be glorious nightmare. One minute I writing the next minute POOF. Page gone. (Mid mocking that I couldn’t find a G to write about).   Who knew G was such a touchy letter.

Two phone calls with GoDaddy. Which takes hours. On hold forever. Those poor people I can only imagine the abuse they get daily because when you sit on hold for 65 minutes ya tend to get crabby (speaking for myself that is). I have to take a deep breath…….. it’s not the techs fault…. it’s not the techs fault…… I hate GoDaddy’s music……….it’s not the techs fault…. FOR THE love of everything in the universe where is my SITE!??!!?  ….it’s not the techs fault.

So, let’s start over today with the letter H and a sigh of relief that Peanut Butter and Whine is up and running. Truthfully around 11am on Tuesday (I always write a day ahead) I was thinking it was a sign from the blogging universe that PBnWhine should just go away, be done. Then POOF it’s up and running. FOR CRYIN’ out LOUD!! Dear Universe; please make up your MIND!!!!!

Sidetracked……. shiny!


On our morning hike Miss Bear and I walked to a near buy plot of land that is for sale. BEAUTIFUL view, very similar to ours. With a road worse than ours! ACKKKK!

Bear and I left a message on the side of the road.

And just incase you’re in the market from some land………………… Michelle!




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