May 9th, Photo-A-Day I

Today’s letter is I


Remember last year how I complained about all the wasps and hornets on the decks? I filled trap after trap and yet they still kept coming!! We never did get to sit outside and enjoy the sunsets on the deck. 

Flash forward to Home Depot as I am picking up yet a different kind of wasp trap because …. well, DAMN they just kept coming! When I struck up a conversation with a long time resident of Sandpoint. He laughingly said “You aren’t some city girl that puts the traps where you want to sit are you??”  In my head I screamed: Palllllllllllllllllease!! Do I look that stupid to you?!?!  But, my mouth said “Ummmmm no??”

His face said “DUMBASS read the box!!” what he said was “These will attract the wasps and hornets. Trap them and they die. So, put them away from where you want to be”

Yeah. DAMN it. That makes really good sense. (yeah, yeah, yeah such a city girl!)

So, traps in hand I walk far from the house (not too far though!) and I am searching for a low hanging branch.

When I look up and find 2 wrought iron holders that have been on the tree so long that bark has grown over them. The perfect height for wasp traps” Yup, the previous owners were pretty smart. AND second……… how many times have stood by, walked past, LOOKED at these two holders?? Probably a few hundred because I walk that way nearly EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!  The Husband didn’t believe me and had to look for himself, that’s how often we are in that spot!!

So, I for INSECT. Traps hung. About a dozen wasps already trapped. It’s a good start!!

BTW, these are the best hornet wasp traps, trust me I’ve tried ’em all! I’ve found them at Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon. All pretty much the same price too.
But, they are super popular so if you need ’em. Grab ’em!


  • Kate Sarsfield

    Most insects love fruit so just leave some pieces of banana etc. away from your seating area and you’ll be happy, they’ll be happy and all will be well 🙂

  • Kate Sarsfield

    Oh no, don’t kill them! They do far more good than harm and keep the really nasty bugs at bay – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Just burn some citronella, slap on the insect repellant lotion and carry some anti-histamine with you at all times. They were there first, Connie!

    • Connie Gruning

      OH ALL RIGHT. Miss Kate, I will try. I want you to know thanks to you the WASP that was hovering around my desk this morning was shoo’ed outside to live another day. (IF I get stung I’m blaming you!!)

  • Tamra Phelps

    Honestly, I never thought of the fact that they attract bugs, so you ought to hang them where you aren’t, lol. Makes sense.

  • Rosie

    Your neighbors probably got a little bit of a chuckle out of that, attracting all those nasty bees right to your favorite hangout spot. But none of us ever thought of that, either. You’re becoming a country bumpkin one crazy situation after another. Now what does he say about navigating the mud?!!! Better to find out before your vehicle is buried with nothing left to see just a few gurgles.

    • Connie Gruning

      Rosie, so far (knock on wood!) I haven’t gotten stuck in the mud. I’m sure I will some day. Like you said I AM a country bumpkin learning to live in Idaho one step at a time.

  • Amy D

    In Florida, we are infested with Love Bugs right now. They are harmless, unlike wasps, but they are everywhere! I would love to find a way to detour them. We found a tick in our house the other day, and we’ve had a wasp fly in our how once. I just get nervous of these bugs in my home because we have very young children. Also, we get a lot of roaches in Florida.

    • Connie Gruning

      Amy, I will have to google Love Bugs. I can’t imagine I will like anything that is a bug! Ticks are nasty! I have to remember to check Bear after we hike around. SO FAR (knock on wood) no roaches here. Just the stupid Stink Bugs. Which are close to a roach except these can fly.

  • Michele Soyer

    I really could use these.. still using the old school zapper! Have to check out Walmart online….

    • Connie Gruning

      Michele, We were going to do a zapper but then if the stink bug gets zapped the smell brings more of them. Nasty bugs. To me the smell of a stink bug is like a very strong thick Pine-Sol UGH!!

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