Sonyabecca Leather Purse

Sonyabecca Leather Shoulder Bag Review

Y’all know me, I very addicted to purses. I would change purses on a daily basis if I could; but where will I hide them all from The Husband??

Sonyabecca Leather PurseI love Hobo-Style bags the most. Soft leather bags are my weakness. This bag from Sonyabecca is exactly what I look for in a purse. Beautiful quality workmanship. This bag is a beautifully styled bag. With black and silver tassels on one side for added style. This is the perfect size purse it’s 15″ long by 11″ high and it’s a perfect 5.5″ wide.

The Sonyabecca Leather Hobo Tassel Bag has tons of storage areas. Starting with a zippered pocket on the outside. Personally, I love that feature because I keep the things that I need the most in that pocket. My car keys and my phone. The zippers are heavy-duty and have a nice size leather pull so it’s easy to open and close. I’m one of those girls that has a hard time walking and chewing gum at the same time, let alone dig for a zipper, find keys, hold the 5-year-old’s hand AND walk. So a big zipper pull helps me!

The other side of the bag is plain except two black leather  tassels that hang from silver chains. The tassels hang from silver accent pieces on the purse. The tassels are attached well and I believe will stay on the bag for the life of the bag. I love the look.

The entire bag closes with another large zipper. A lot of big bags use just a magnetic snap, I prefer the zipper; just to first, keep everything inside the bag if the bag tips over in the car and second for security when you are using the bag. I don’t want to make it easy for anyone to grab my wallet from the inside. This is a nice plastic zipper that opens and closes easily.

Inside the bag is a nice durable, silk lining. There are no loose seams.

Inside this leather purse has more pockets and more room. There are two large compartments for my wallet, papers, daytimer and such. In between the two large compartments is a large deep zippered area that I can keep my cosmetics, kids things or whatever. Again, another sturdy zipper keeps the items in that compartment secure.

On one side are two pockets that will hold a phone, camera or whatever you need. One of the pockets is slightly larger than the other.  The other side of the bag has another zippered pocket.

The handbag arrives with a removeable shoulder strap, however the regular handles are still long enough to wear on my shoulder.

The bag arrives in a dust bag and then inside a plastic Sonyabecca plastic zip bag.


This is a heavy bag. Even when the bag is empty it’s heavy; add all my stuff and it’s a very heavy bag. The zippers are plastic; while I haven’t had any problems yet, I would just prefer a metal zipper. Other than that, this is a great bag.



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