Ella’s Cookery Ceramic Microwave Bacon Cooker #EllasCookery

Bacon, bacon, baconbacon. What’s not to love about bacon? Other than the mess that is.

Ella’s Cookery Ceramic Microwave Ella’s Cookery Ceramic Microwave Bacon Cooker Mug takes care of that!!

This is the coolest ceramic microwave bacon cooker! At first glance this looks like a unique coffee mug with a saucer attached at the base. A closer look shows that this is a solid piece. The deep saucer is attached to the over-sized mug. The saucer is designed with a small pour spout to the side.

The entire mug is awesome! Not only unique and pretty coloring but so useful!!

The Ella’s Cookery Ceramic Microwave Bacon Cooker Mug arrives well packed and securely wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap. There is no assembly required, the cooker is one solid piece. Enclosed is an easy to follow instruction card with hints for perfect bacon.

To use simply lay strips of bacon around the lip of the mug. Make sure that the bacon is spread evenly around to ensure that the back cooks evenly. Place in the microwave with paper towel and cook for 1 minute per slice of bacon; which I have to admit for crispy bacon this is dead on for the time! If you don’t want your bacon crispy deduct 20 to 30 seconds total.  The cooker will easily cook 10 strips of bacon at a time.

All of the bacon grease is safe in the saucer and inside the cooker.

This is an amazing bacon cooker!! No more having to stand over the stove or turning the bacon over half way through the time in the microwave. Seriously, set this in the microwave and wait for the buzz. DONE!! Perfect bacon each and EVERY single time!!

Clean up is even easier than cooking. Since the grease drips into the mug and the saucer all you have to do is pour out your grease; which is super easy between the spout and the handle!! So easy!! After you pour out the grease throw it in the dishwasher. (okay, so don’t actually THROW it anywhere; place it in the dishwasher it is ceramic after all!) and done.

Not only is this cooker microwave and dishwasher safe but it’s also oven safe. WOW!

• Cook delicious, crispy bacon without the hassle of frying it in a pan. Save time, energy and cook bacon the easy way while preserving the taste and lowering fat and cholesterol.

• This ceramic bacon cooker cooks up to 10 strips of bacon in less than 4 minutes. Cook evenly without any sticking whatsoever.

• 3 Simple Steps to Cooking – Drape the bacon over the rim, cover with a paper towel and microwave for 1 minute per slice. No splatter and no cleaning up the mess.

• Let the fat drip down into the reservoir and drain it after cooking. If cooked correctly this ceramic bacon cooker can help reduce fat by as much as 35%.

• Dishwasher safe for easy clean up – Made from thick stoneware which makes it safe for dishwasher use. Simply use it and put it in the dishwasher.


It’s bacon! It’s bacon cooked QUICKLY with less mess and since the fat drips into the tray it reduces fat and cholesterol!! Delicious, crispy bacon without the hassle of frying it in a pan. Save time, energy and cook bacon the easy way!!! YUMMM!! Bacon!!!


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    What a clever idea! We don’t eat a lot of meat but you really can’t beat the smell of bacon sizzling, can you? I have to admit I’ve never thought of cooking it in the micro!

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