LotFancy® Laptop Cooling Pad Review

Today’s review is for something I didn’t realize that I needed until it arrived. Now? I can’t imagine being without it!! What is it? It’s the LotFancy® Laptop Cooling Pad; an amazing gadget! Absolutely AMAZING!!! I write my blog posts from my laptop and of course on my lap. Anyone that uses a laptop knows that these puppies get HOT! Not warm. HOT!! Heat is the number one enemy of a computer; second would be a four-year-old but that’s a whole different post! And as a woman in her late 50’s I’m extremely prone to hot flashes; which flare up higher, hotter and more often when my laptop heats up!

The LotFancy Laptop Cooling Pad is big!! I have a 17″ laptop and the chill pad fits wonderfully. The chill measures almost 15″ long and a little over 14½” wide and just a little over 1¼” thick. However, the best part of this chill pad is the fact that the pad has a metal bar with slots so you can angle your laptop to the perfect angle so you can work and move more air as well. The chill pad will adjust to six different heights. You can seriously set this for the perfect typing height or movie watching. There are small feet that you can pull up which keeps your computer from sliding. There are rubber feet on the bottom of the fan that keeps it secure on the table.

  • Ergonomic designed angle and height adjustable in 6 different levels,for easy typing and viewing,provides ample clearance and air flow beneath the stand even when used on top of thick blankets.It does incline with a metal bar and slots ,unique raise and lock stand mechanism,in the case so that the laptop can be angled up.

The cooling mat is made with a metal mesh front and strong plastics. The cooling mat doesn’t add a lot of weight to my laptop; weighing in at 41.62 ounces.

There are five fans. 1 large fan in the center; surrounded by 4 smaller fans. The big fan is 4.72″ by 4.72″ by 0.98″ and the small fans are 2.75″ by 2.75″ by 0.59″

Fan speed: 1000 + 10% for RPM
2000 + / – 10% RPM
Air volume: 74.35 CFM
Current: 0.35 + 10% for A
Voltage: DC5V
Power: 1.75 W

The cooler pad connects with USB cable to a port on your computer or you could plug into a hub. There are two ports on the pad so that you don’t lose a port when the cooler is plugged in. There are two buttons next to the port one turns on the large middle fan and the other turns on the 4 smaller fans. The buttons light up green when they are on and the fans light up a bright bluish-purple.

My laptop completely covers the lights so they don’t bother me at all. The fans move a LOT of air!! I am not over heating as I’m working; which is amazing!! There is a minimum amount of noise that comes from the pad. It sounds like a room fan set on low; but pushes so much air that it feels like a fan set on high.

The Laptop Cooling Pad is great for laptops anywhere from 12″ to 17″


NONE!! NOT a single one!! HOWEVER! IF lights bother you, be warned that the fan lights do not turn off. My laptop completely covers the lights so I don’t notice them but a small laptop the lights may show.
I personally had no idea what I was missing! I can comfortably use my computer in my lap without over heating ME and the laptop!! Brilliant design!! BRILLIANT!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE my Laptop Cooling Pad!!


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