Favorite Child Mug! FUNNY!!! #GotMeTipsy

I have funny kids. No, I take that back, I have hysterically funny kids! All three of them have amazing (sometimes very twisted!) senses of humor. I do occasionally (yes, only occasionally…. honest!) like to stir the pot.  My kids are ALWAYS telling each other that they are my favorite!! I’ve had to password protect my Facebook account because of the amount of times that one of them will sign on as ME and write long sentiments to the other two about being a favorite. So, when I had the chance to review a mug with “I love how we all know that I’m Your Favorite Child” written in bright white lettering I jumped at the chance!!

I can’t WAIT for our next family get together! THIS is the mug that I will be using! I’ll let the three of them try to decide who gave me the mug. (Now that will be SO funny!!!)

This is a wonderful mug.  This 13 ounce glass coffee mug has a nice wide handle so it’s easy to grip. The mug has a great weight to it; it feels like a quality mug.

The mug is made of glass and its dishwasher safe.  The unique statement is written in white letters and written on both sides so it doesn’t matter which hand you hold this mug in. I’ve washed this mug several times and the writing is still perfect.

This mug is the perfect gift for any parent. It makes me laugh every time I use it. This mug is sarcastic and funny at the same time.  Got Me Tipsy sends this coffee mug well packaged in a sturdy box and wrapped in a pretty blue tissue paper; making this ready to give as a gift.


Not a single one! This is a FUNNY mug!! But, it’s also heavy enough that my coffee stays hot. It also holds a full 13 ounces of coffee. So it’s a generously sized mug. Ohhh and for the record to my children that are reading this. YES!! You are my Favorite Child!!


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