Puzzle Doubles! Create A Scene Dollhouse Review #PuzzleDoubles

Cuteness overload heading your way! Check out Puzzle Doubles!! It’s a puzzle; it’s a doll-house. It’s ALL wrapped into one super cute interactive learning experience.  The Learning Journey Puzzle Doubles! Create A Scene Dollhouse is a cute little HUGE puzzle for ages 3 and up.

4-year-old Alice loves jigsaw puzzles; she is really good at it too! This one is HUGE and super easy for her little hands.

Jigsaw puzzles are not only good for mind and cognitive development but also wonderful for eye-hand coordination.

Once this puzzle is put together then there are static clings that you can play a version of paper-dolls.  When you have a small apartment this is a brilliant alternative. The puzzle itself is sturdy which is great; Alice is not very gentle with the puzzle.

Puzzle Doubles Create A Scene Doll-house combines a puzzle with additional activities to create a fun and interactive learning experience for your child. After assembling the puzzle, children can create their own scenes and stories by placing the reusable static stickers on the surface of completed puzzle.

Eventually, Alice and I will turn the puzzle over for another project; the puzzle is a huge coloring page. The bossy baby doesn’t want to color anything YET!!

The puzzle is huge when it’s all together. 3 feet by 2 feet!! There are 50 puzzle pieces.

Added bonus is the box is sturdy enough to keep the puzzle together; the box even has a sturdy handle, which is a nice touch.

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The vinyl stickers don’t stick very well on the puzzle itself. I think a better alternative might be real stickers to decorate the house and then add ‘paper’ dolls made of the same cardboard as the puzzle; to play house with. It’s not a huge whine for us because Alice is thrilled to just put the puzzle together time and time again! Overall, The Learning Journey Puzzle Doubles! Create A Scene Dollhouseis a fun, bright and colorful puzzle!


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    My niece Rachael loved (with a capital L) jigsaws when she was Alice’s age. She’d do them back-to-front, upside-down, you name it, even leaving out the edges when she got older. Gets it from me, of course!

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