MIRA Stainless Steel French Press Review

I’m getting everything set for our yearly Yosemite Camping trip; 1st thing in the supply kit? My, MIRA stainless steel french press! This little guy is awessssssssome!! Double walled so my coffee stays hot. The coffee plunger has a great strainer so that no grounds get through!

The french press makes almost 3 cups of coffee or tea. Which for my big to-go Contigo mug is one serving.

I like my coffee strong so I use almost a full heaping 3 tablespoons to the bottom of the empty press.  Then add hot water, until the pot is approximately 2/3 full. Next step, stir your ground coffee and water. Place the french press plunge lid on top; turn once to close the lid. Let your coffee set for 3 to 4 minutes. Since the press is double walled insulated the coffee stays hot while it’s brewing.  Like I said, I like stronger coffee so I let mine set for the full 4 minutes. Then slowly push the plunger down. The handle of the press doesn’t get hot! That’s a bonus.

When you pour out your coffee, you will have a perfect cup of coffee with absolutely no coffee grounds. Just a real rich full bodied cup of coffee. If you have never tried coffee from a french press, you are missing out.  Coffee made with a french press is richer and more full bodied than any k-cup you can get.

Since the MIRA French Press is stainless steel it’s perfect for traveling, and especially on camping trips. When you tent camp you need items that are strong and this press fits the bill. Not to mention it’s so easy to use. I promise a great cup of french press coffee out in the middle of a campsite is heavenly!

This is also a must have addition to our earth quake preparedness kit. Electricity goes out and there goes my k-cup machine! Trust me, you don’t want to see me without my coffee! Earthquake or camping! I need my coffee!! I’ll especially need it after an earthquake!  Not to mention after sleeping on the ground for a week!


A full bodied, rich cup of coffee. With a double-walled, insulated interior, this pot will keep its contents hot for up to 2 hours. What could I possibly whine about? And it looks great too!!


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