Sunglasses!! FREYRS Sunglasses! OH YEAH!!

Okay, y’all should hold your ears cause I have another I LOVE MY JOB post!! Living in the San Diego Area I am thoroughly blessed with a lot of bright sunny days! I love my sunshine! With bright sunshine has come a love of sunglasses. Okay, an obsession really. I can’t pass a rack full of sunglasses without trying on at least one….. dozen… I love ’em! I’m also picky about my sunglasses, working for an optometrist for over 10 years spoiled me!

I found a site that has ALL and I do mean ALL of the looks that I want in sunglasses!! FREYRS Eyewear. Their sunglasses are well made so stylish!!

For the next 5 weeks I’ll be sharing with you my reviews of 5 different sunglasses. It was hard to decide my favorite so I just reached in and grabbed my first pair.

HOW COOL are these!?!??!?! OH MY GOSH!! This is the most FUN pair of glasses!!! I’ve been wearing them for almost 2 weeks now and I get compliments every SINGLE time someone see’s  them!

These are the Vintage Fashion Cat Eye with Rhinestones sunglasses. These are so vintage, so retro and SO COOL!!!!!!!! The frame is accented with rhinestones for the full vintage effect!! This is a plastic frame with quality lenses. The lenses are perfect, with a gradient amber tint. The lenses have absolutely no distortion at all!! My vision is clear in these sunglasses.  Now, here is my favorite part!! These sunglasses are UNDER $10!!

Buying on line; it really is easy! You don’t need to be worried. Find a pair of your own glasses or sunglasses, a pair that fit you perfectly. Inside on the temple (the arm) of your glasses and sunglasses will be numbers; usually 3 sets. These numbers tell you the measurements of the glasses.  The temple will be the largest number. The next largest will be the frame height and the smaller 2 digit number will be the bridge or nose size.

Vintage fashion inspired cat eye sunglasses feature cute frame detailed with rhinestones dimesnsions:
Frame Height: 40mm
Frame Width:  140mm

These fit like I tried them on in the optometrists office! I love this pair of glasses!!


Pfffttttt…… did you see how cute these sunglasses are?!?!?! What could I whine about?? The fit is perfect, the lenses are awesome!! The frame is 100% adorable!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE these sunglasses.

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