Bluetooth Selfie Stick GIVEAWAY!!!

Have you ever used a Selfie Stick? I have, they’re unique and a great idea. However, not always the easiest thing to use. HA!!!!! Until now! This is so COOL!! My new Selfie Stick is BLUETOOTH!!!!! I control when my phone takes the picture!! The Bluetooth button is ON THE STICK!!!!!

This is the coolest gadget I’ve ever used with my mobile phone!! This Everyday Selfie Stick is super easy to carry and even arrives with its own carrying case! The stick is light weight, less than a half a pound!!

The Everyday Selfie Stick holds my phone securely! My phone doesn’t budge at ALL!! There is a double clamp that is fully adjustable to comfortably fit any size phone from largest to the smallest. I have a fairly large phone the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it’s a perfect fit!!  My daughters iPhone… another perfect fit!!

Pairing the stick to my phone literally took 5 seconds. No muss no fuss. EASY!!

The rubberized grip on the handle is comfortable to hold. The button is in the perfect spot on the handle, it’s easy to keep your thumb close to the button. Even a 3-year-old can easily use this!!

I can take photographs in a huge variety of angles. I can extend my Everyday Selfie Stick from 9″ all the way up to 44″  Think of the photo’s you can get with this stick!!!

10 seconds on my blog and you know I’m a photograph addict. I might be getting worse now since I have my new Bluetooth Selfie Stick!  3-year-old Alice can even take pictures!! We had a great time taking photos!! Check it out!


The Bluetooth Selfie Stick, charging cord, cloth bag and mirror. Also included with your stick is a free copy of “The Ultimate Selfie Guide” E-BOOK


Check this out, 100% HASSLE FREE REPLACEMENT/MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!  The folks at Everyday Selfie have such pride in their product they offer a 100% hassle free product replacement OR money back guarantee!!  THAT is customer service!!

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Are you kidding?! This Everyday Selfie Stick is so much FUN!!! So easy to use!! My phone is secure! I’m taking FUN pictures!!! What could I possibly whine about?? This is an absolute MUST have for vacation time!! Or a boring Thursday.


2, yes TWO very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine followers will win their own Everyday Selfie (Bluetooth) Stick. Good LUCK!!



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