MIU COLOR® Packing Cubes Review

unnamedI am officially the queen of packing! Mostly because I have help! Check it out! These are the MIU Color packing cubes. The packing cubes consist of a set of 4 bags. A small bag 11″ by 6.7″ by 2.8″, a medium bag that’s 14″ by 10.6″ by 2.75″, a large bag that’s 17.7″ by 13″ by 2.8″ and a bag for shoes that’s 12.4″ by 8″ by 4.3″.

Thanks to these bags my suitcase is so organized when I travel. Not only do these keep me organized but allow for easy unpacking in the hotel room; but I keep one cube for my dirty clothes, then when I get home I take the entire packing cube to the laundry area. DONE! AND it’s a bonus that the cube keeps my dirty clothes and clean clothes separated in my suitcase.

All the MIU bags have a reinforced fabric handle. I love that little detail; it makes unpacking a breeze! The MIU Color bags are made of a polyester nylon fabric. The bags are extremely lightweight and yet they are very durable.
Each of the bags has a mesh side; not only allowing for breath-ability but awesome to see what’s in the bag without dragging every bag from your suitcase.

I can’t believe how big these bags are! Each bag is very roomy! The bags fit in my weekend bag easily. I really look so organized!

The zippers go around three sides and are durable enough to hold up for many trips!

My favorite bag would be the smallest bag. I use it for all of my toiletries. The shoe bag would be my next favorite; it easily will hold 2 pair of shoes with a divider inside which not only helps them stay in place but prevents scuffs.


This is a beautiful set of packing organizers. The gray color is sleek. These organizers are well put together, the two-way zippers run smoothly. They add no weight to my suitcase; what could I whine about?!




    I’m normally the most organised packer in the family but I have a habit of packing extra ‘just-in-case’ items that I never use. This sort of thing would be great for limiting me to things that will actually be used!

  • Sandy Cain

    I like these! I haven’t been able to travel for a while, but I think I’d like to make a trip in the fall to see someone I have some business to settle with. I’d like to travel light, and for a change, be a little bit on the organized side. This set would help a lot! My suitcases are usually disaster areas!

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