Red, Yellow, Blue And A Dash Of White Too) Children’s Book Review

DSC_9488I love, love, LOVE this book!! Red, Yellow, Blue (and a Dash of White, Too!) By Charles George Esperanza. I should say WE love, love, LOVE this children’s book!!

Red, Yellow, Blue (and a Dash of White, Too!), is centered about a little girl; since she doesn’t have a name in the book we substitute Alice. You can imagine how excited Alice gets over that!! The little girl has a blue elephant named EleBooyah. Together they discover the wonderful and fun world of mixing colors.

The colors and the designs are vibrant and FUN!! Seriously, each page is a work of art. FUN mixed with swirls, swooshes, splats, swashes and splashes of color!! Mixing colors together on each and every page. At the end of the book all the colors are mixed together in one long fold-out page. So be sure not to miss that fold-out!

Red, Yellow, Blue (and a Dash of White, Too!) is an adventure in color. This is an artistic, modern and fresh children’s book; full of movement and energy!! I’ve truly never seen anything like it; which is saying A LOT!! Alice’s library could rival our local county library! The kid loves to read and be read too.

We love all of the sing-songy writing. Alice loves the fun sounds like splish, splash, sploosh, swoosh, swish, and swash!

Red, Yellow, Blue (and a Dash of White, Too!) is a fun book!! One that will be asked for over and over again!! It’ll inspire a few Picasso too I’m sure!

Splish! Splash! Sploosh! A little girl is about to discover the wonders of mixing colors. With the sound of paint splatter, a bright blue elephant named EleBooyah enters the scene. She wants to help paint, too, and pretty soon the girl and her elephant are playing with all the colors of the rainbow. What do blue and yellow make? A funky green frog! And red and blue? An enormous purple octopus king! What other creatures are waiting for the splatter of paint on a brush to join the raucous painting party?

Charles George Esperanza’s author/illustrator debut is a riot of color and magic. Esperanza’s rhythmic stanzas and vibrant illustrations tickle the imagination, and this is sure to become a staple color book for kids across the country.


Oh my gosh, not a single one!! This is an adorable book. Alice loves it! Requests it! Talks about it! Can’t get a better recommendation than that!!

Publisher: Sky Pony Press

Format: Dust-jacketed hardcover sized 9.5 x 11 inches. 40 pages, full color. ISBN 978-1629146249

Publication date: March 10, 2015.

Target age range: 3 – 6 years old




    This sounds like great fun & judging by the look on Alice’s face she’s thoroughly enjoying it! I love the fact that you can substitute any child’s name. I had a version of Sleeping Beauty as a present for my 30th where Kate was the Princeess (natch!). Still have a read of it whenever I’m feeling nostalgic.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Lol, you can tell she likes it by her face. I bet my youngest nephew would love this book! He’s 5 & really wants to be able to read, so he’s willing to be read to instead of watching TV at the moment.

  • Sandy Cain

    Alice is a cutie! And you know when the child is always asking for a certain story or book, it’s a winner! I’d get this for my granddaughters if their mom wasn’t a braindead freakazoid. I doubt she has the IQ to read this herself. (And those are her GOOD points).

  • barrie

    This sounds like a great book for kids! I love books that have bright colors on the page. This sounds like a great gift for my neice!

  • Rosie

    Alice is so cute! And it is obvious she really likes this book! I have to keep an eye out for it, all that color and action and fun is worth all the happiness it brings!

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