CraftyCroc Liquid Chalk Markers Review + Giveaway

I am obsessed with these liquid chalk markers from CraftyCroc! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this chalk! Check out this 10 pack of neon chalk markers. FUN, so very bright colors!! No wonder these are an Amazon number one best seller in not one but two categories!!

What makes these chalk markers so unique is that each chalk marker has a reversible tip!! Fine point and broad tip. BRILLIANT design!! The colors? Oh my gosh! The colors are so bold, bright and FUN!!

In my livingroom I have a chalkboard for the Grandkids to create on. I love the chalkboard! I love seeing their art work while I’m sitting on the couch. HOWEVER! I do not like the chalk dust. CraftyCroc chalk markers have NO chalk dust!! They are liquid and they glide on the blackboard so the kids are so happy!

We love how bright and vibrant the Crafty Crock Liquid Chalk Markers are. The colors are all very opaque.

BONUS!! These markers have no odors or smells!! Non-toxic which is so important because Alice (the youngest of the three) has to ‘taste’ everything!

Erasing. If you are using them on a white board, they clean easily and quickly with a paper-towel or rag. Signboards again erasing is super easy with a paper-towel. Blackboard, yes! It does erase. I use a very wet sponge. Dry with a towel and every single swipe is removed.

These are perfect for writing on windows, mirrors and chalkboards. Even chalkboard labels. With graduation just around the corner you need these for car window messages!

To start the markers shake well, remove the cap, prime the nib by pressing the marker down until you see color.

What separates CraftyCroc™ chalk paint pens from the rest? It’s really simple. It starts with our premium quality nibs (made in Japan) and amazingly bright inks. We’ve gone to great lengths to source the highest quality components for you, enjoyed by artists and crafters all over the USA. Additionally, our unfailing devotion to your satisfaction will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Check it out! If you aren’t thrilled with these markers after 60 days CraftyCroc offers a full refund no questions asked.


Not a single solitary one! CraftyCroc’s liquid chalk markers colors are FANTASTIC!! No chalk dust. NON toxic! No odor! Easy to clean! What more could I ask for?!? My little artists get to create and I don’t have to stress over the mess.

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I’m so excited to host a giveaway for CraftyCroc Liquid Chalk Markers! 10 vibrant colors!! Good Luck!!



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