MOM! Where Are YOU!?!? Walkie Talkies for Kids!

With 42 days of Summer Vacation left I have to admit it’s getting harder and harder to find fun things to do!! Forty TWO DAYS people! This NaNa has had a full school year of only half days….. I’m TIRED!! Alice is bored. We are in some serious trouble here!!

Check out the new addition to our SUMMER FUN!! BYBOO BaoFeng T-3 Children Walkie Talkies for Kids These are the best set of Mini Two Way Radios!!  This set of two radios has 22 channels.  There are 10 different call tones one that I swore sounded EXACTLY like my own phone. I was very confused when my phone did not show a missed call. Yes, I am easily confused.

The Walkie Talkies are light weight. Each one has a belt clip on it.  These Walkie Talkies are supposed to work up to three; YES 3 miles!! Now since I don’t let 6-year-old Alice that far out of my sight I haven’t tested that.

Even thought the Walkie Walkie TalkiesTalkies are light weight they are durable. Remember…. Alice? Not at ALL a gentle child. Alice took these bike riding with her friends and they had A BLAST!!! There is a clip on the back for the kids to attach to their belts. Although I have yet to see them stop talking long enough to holster the radio’s. Walkie Talkies

Truly these radios are the BEST purchase I’ve made to cure summer boredom.

The kids are learned to use these radios a very quick ‘push this button’ then the radio was out of my hand and the kids were gone.

They are sturdy, antenna doesn’t move or pull out so no worries about the Walkie Talkies not working.

Battery life is amazing; 3 triple AAA’s required and not included. The kids have used these all day. EVERYDAY for the last 3 weeks and they are still going strong. Perfect size for small hands. (Ages 4, 5, 7)

Alice and her best gal pal Ashley (who was visiting Grandma and Grandpa next door) talked most of the night from separate houses.

Alice talks to Daddy from the other side of the pool! No crackle or static in the sound.


NONE!! I truly can’t say enough good things about these walkie talkies. I LOVE them!! I LOVE THEM!! The kids adore them!! NaNa get’s a break. They are AWESOME!! OVER!!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    I could use these to check up on Mum when she’s pottering in the garden or whatever. It’d certainly save on my phone bill!

  • michele

    These are great! I have always believed in constant communication with your children way before cell phones and this is the way I would go.. and they are light and durable….

  • Rosie

    Sturdy, lightweight, and durable batteries – plus they work good. These are a great thing to have, and help you keep track of the kids, too, while they are having fun!

  • Marian

    These look cool. My kids have been asking for walkie talkies. I’ll have to run this by the hubs and see if these would work for us.

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