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I know! I KNOW!!  Christmas was just a little over a week ago and here I am with my Valentines Day Picks. I am sorry! BUT, in my defense you will want to start dropping hints for this beautiful necklace from  Besides, you’ll need a little extra time to get this personalized. Trust ME!!

I couldn’t be more thrilled with this necklace!! Personalized just for ME!!

This is custom hand-stamped jewelry. Jewelry is made with sterling silver or gold. There is something here for everyone and trust me, you don’t have to be a mommy to fall in love with these beautiful pieces of jewelry. gives you the freedom to create your perfect piece with names, phrases or dates. Add them all together or just one. There are necklaces, earrings, rings, personalized or not. The possibilities are endless!!

I was over the moon giddy to be given the chance to review the My Story Necklace.  I customized My Story Necklace with this beautiful mixture of charms, names and a saying. For My Story I added my three Grandbabies names; Emma, Eli and Alice to the large disk. On the bar I added “My Loves” The small square I added the tree. I truly love the look of the tree, it has so much meaning to me. From keeping your roots firmly planted. To family branching out. Finally the stone, I picked the pearl; since it’s my birthstone.

You can customize your necklace to YOUR story! Add names, phrases and or dates. There are endless possibilities.

The ball chain is included. All the pieces together are just spectacular together. I LOVE THIS NECKLACE!!! I can’t help but shout! It’s perfect!!

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What could I possibly whine about?! This is custom made for ME! ONLY me!! This is MY STORY and its PERFECT!!

I would truly love to know which piece you would pick at and what you would have etched.



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