Unique iPad Air & iPad Air 2 Keyboard Giveaway!!

I love, love, love my iPad Air 2. I would be lost without it.  I watch movies, I entertain the grandbabies, I play games. I write blog post and answer emails. My iPad Air 2 is with me all of the time. I truly love my iPad!!

Now with that said, writing posts isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s not as easy as it sounds typing on the screen.  It’s actually a very slow process.  If you own an iPad you know exactly what I mean. They are great for one finger typing but not so great for writing long posts or answering a  lot of emails.

I have a solution!! SleeKeys! Wait till you see this iPad Air Keyboard. Absolutely amazing! Doesn’t need charging, doesn’t require Bluetooth! Doesn’t need to be paired. All of that and it’s super light weight!! Weighing in at 3.5 ounces!! What’s more when you aren’t using the keyboard it’s hidden completely out of sight!!

SleeKeys is an iPad case with an integrated physical keyboard. A unique keypad all the way around!! The keyboard interacts with the iPad by being flipped onto the iPad screen which is how SleeKeys can operate without electricity of any sort.


The SleeKeys iPad cover isn’t dependent on electricity, so the case isn’t just sleeker and more lightweight (Seriously! Isn’t that why we wanted an iPad in the first place? For me, it’s all about sleekness!!) but it also brings down the cost significantly. While a typical Bluetooth keyboard retails for about $100. SleeKeys retails for $49.95. That’s about what I pay for a regular iPad case!!

Checkout Sleek Tech USA on their website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube



One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower win a SleeKeys for iPad Air 1 OR iPad Air 2 Keyboard case. Your choice! Good Luck!!  Be sure to check back in a couple weeks when I get my hands on the soon to be released iPad Air 2 case!!  Don’t worry, the case is being released before the giveaway if your hoping to win that style.



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