High Quality LED Light Bulbs Review

Personally, I don’t think about light bulbs until they go out. When the bulb goes out I reach for less watts for the bedroom. More watts for the kitchen. That was the extent of what I thought of about light bulbs.

When I received my New Generation LED Bulb I looked at the little blue box with 7 watts written in the corner. Wait what?? SEVEN? That can’t possibly light a closet let alone light an entire room.

So, off to the livingroom I went, light bulb in hand.


I took pictures of the room with the old light bulb and then pictures of just 30 seconds later with the new 7 watt light bulb. I am blown away at the difference!! Talk about a HUGE difference in the room! BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT!! Okay, not blinding light but the room is full of light!!

Those pictures were taken in the exact same spot within 30 seconds of each other. The only thing that changed was the light bulb. WOW!!! You couldn’t even see the design on the pillow before. WOW!! I’m blown away at 7 watts of light!

You can use LED Light bulbs anywhere in your home. Enclosed light fixtures, dark closets, hard to reach areas, basically ANYWHERE!!! I especially like the idea of putting these bulbs in hard to reach places because…… are you ready for this?  These LED bulbs are good for 40 YEARS!! WHAT?!?!  FORTY YEARS!??! Holy MOLY!! So, if you have vaulted ceilings or hard to reach hanging fixtures you REALLY need these bulbs!!

Using LED bulbs will help with your energy bill too!! Energy saving, bright light and 40 years!?! WOW!!

I plan to grab a couple more of these LED bulbs; the desk where I do my blog work really needs an LED!!  My product pictures will be so much cleaner and clearer!!

You can even use these LED bulbs in your flood light fixtures. They’ll use less energy, which makes keeping them on all night a more inexpensive solution, and they don’t have to be replaced as often!! I don’t know about you but our flood lights are NOT easy to get too! I’m thoroughly impressed!

Last but not least these bulbs don’t give off heat so you can seriously put them anywhere!

I do want to mention that these LED Bulbs are not dimmable.


Ummmmm did ya see the pictures?? I have clean, bright lightning! 7 Watts of energy saving light!! I’m thrilled!!

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  • Rosie

    They just switched to LED at the complex, and it is shocking how bright it is! I’m just starting to look for LED, it is good to know this, also about the non-dimmable feature.

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