Glerups USA Review

Y’all are going to be so jealous!! My feet have never been so toasty and warm!! Thank you Glerups!! I’ve shared with you before; I have tile flooring through-out my house. Yes, it’s easy to clean but; holy moly it’s cold on the feet!! Glerups to the rescue! I want to write in big BOLD LETTERS! I LOVE MY GLERUPS!!
Glerups are 100% pure and natural wool slippers that are made in Denmark. Adult Glerups slippers, have either a sole of calfskin or natural rubber. Glerups baby shoes have no outer sole. Baby shoes are 100% adorable too!!

I wear my Glerups without socks and my feet are so warm!! If I’m awake my Glerups are on my feet! They are so warm, so extremely comfortable! Glerups run a little large so I think my next pair will be a half size smaller. It’s recommended that you wear your Glerups with bare feet.

There is a huge variety of colors to choose from. Not to mention styles! From slip on’s to boots, shoes, kids and insoles too. Glerups has something for everyone!!

I picked the slip on Glerups in Gray; with calfskin soles. I couldn’t be happier if I tried!! I am thoroughly and completely in love with this slippers.

The Glerups story is very interesting one. In 1993 Nanny Glerup hand-crafted a pair of slippers using the natural wool from her Gotland sheep. Nanny’s made slippers for family and friends, soon she was making and selling 2 pair a day. Glerups were up and running! Nanny and her husband Ove invented and trashed many machines just trying to keep up with production.

Glerups5In order to ensure there would always be enough Gotland wool for production, the Glerups family had 100 sheep shipped from Denmark to their farm in Romania; where they live there year-round and are sheared twice a year.

Glerups slippers are available in sizes for men, woman, and kids. Glerups come in three varieties Slip on, Shoe, Boot. The amazing earthy colors. I was curious if all this wool would make my Glerups itchy. I am thrilled to report they are not scratchy or itchy in anyway. Sheer comfort all the way around.

Made from 100% natural wool, Glerups include approximately 8% of Gotland wool, making them durable, light-weight and breathable; ultimately keeping your feet comfortable and warm without overheating!!

The directions say that the slippers may shed. Because of the natural treatment of the wool, you may find traces of small vegetable fibers in the felt. Furthermore the coarsest wool fibers may work itself out of the felt, and therefore the slippers “shed” in the first days of use. This is natural, and the fibers just need to be plucked off.


Glerups are self cleansing. Whaaaa??? The woolen fibers are actually waterproof and sweat-proof! So you will never have that nasty old slipper stink. SWEET!!!

I am totally in love with my Glerups! I can’t imagine ever wearing anything else. Whether you are looking for a rubber sole or calfskin, slip on or ankle boot, look at Glerups! You won’t be disappointed!

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Oh my goodness, not a single solitary one!! My feet are so warm!! So cushioned and so comfortable!! I LOVE MY Glerups!! Now I MUST have a pair in Orange. Yes, I MUST!! And the red. Yup, I must have the red as well.  I am ADDICTED to my Glerups!!!

I would love to know what color and style you would pick.



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