iGearPro Flash Drive Digital Voice Recorder

iGearPro has the smallest and most unique flash drive. Not just a 4GB USB drive but also a small, yet powerful digital voice Recorder. The iGearPro is so easy to use! A simple on and off switch for recording. The iGearPro records in WAV format at 128 bps. All of that and it’s only 2½” long!! When the USB is extended it’s still only 3″ long.

I’m thoroughly impressed with my iGearPro. The iGearPro charges quickly and holds a charge for approximately 15 hours.

The iGearPro has 4 GB which means you can get 70 hours of recording time.  The recorder stops recording if it stops detecting voices or noises. The mic picks up voices from 2 to 3 feet away. I have found that the mic is really sensitive. I love to record 3 year old Alice when she plays in her room and doesn’t think anyone is listening. The iGearPro picks up everything she says.

When you turn on the iGearPro wait for the blue light to come on, the blue light indicates you are taping. The iGearPro turns red when you turn it off; the red light blinks when it’s out of battery. Don’t plug it into your computer until the light is off!! The iGearPro takes a few seconds to save the file. Plugging it in too soon will corrupt the file.

The first time you plug the iGearPro into your computer it will take an extra few minutes to sync up your computer and the iGearPro. After the first time syncing is much faster.

I transfer a lot of pictures from my computer to my daughters computer and this little guy makes it super easy to do!! If you find you want a larger stick there is a 16GB model. Truly, recording Alice is my favorite! Telling Mom & Dad what Alice has said is funny, but actually hearing it; is priceless!

This would be a perfect gift for a student to record lectures! iGearPro is a perfect business tool for meetings and conferences too! A must have business tool!!


Not a single one! The iGearPro is small. Powerful and very portable! I love that it doesn’t actually LOOK like a recorder either and yet provides me with clean clear recordings.



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