FriendlyBands from Sunshine Loom Review & Coupon CODE!

Once again, I went a little over the top with photo’s; I couldn’t help it! I gave 6 year old Emma the Sunshine Loom from FriendlyBands to make rubberband jewelry and she went to town!! You’ve never seen such a happy girl!! She’s a bracelet making genius!

FriendlyBands® makers of the SunshineLoom – the World’s 1st Circular Loom for creating Rubberband Bracelets & Jewelery. Better, Easier & Cooler!.

FriendlyBands, has designed the revolutionary Sunshine Loom, designed for kids age 5 and up. The SunshineLoom, is the first and only circular loom created to weave rubber band projects. Emma has created so many colorful and unique bracelets and rings already.

The Sunshine Loom has a place for everything. A place for the hook, the bands too. The clear lid fits tight to keep everything safe and secure.

One of my very favorite features the Sunshine loom is the fact there is a lid that keeps everything together! I LOVE THAT!!! Emma can start a project and not worry that it comes un-done if she doesn’t have time to finish it. The loom is super easy to use, like I said Emma is only 6 and she’s makin’ jewelry for everyone!

FriendlyBands has videos. TONS of videos that teach you how to make basic jewelry, like single band bracelets all the way to cuff bracelets and earrings too!! Absolutely easy to follow videos!

Emma made bracelets in Christmas colors, a ring for me in Denver Bronco colors. And MORE. MUCH MORE!!


FriendlyBands, was founded by Jessica in 2011 at the age of EIGHT!! Yes, you read that correctly. 8!!

The kit itself comes with written instructions that Emma easily kept up with and add to those, over 90 instructional videos Emma won’t out grow this loom.

An absolutely perfect gift for any child to be able to express their creativity. I don’t know about your kids and grandkids but computer games are more prevalent than being creative! The Sunshine Loom makes kids want to be creative!

There are so many accessories on the FriendlyBands site, every color of band imaginable; even glitter bands, charms, hooks, links and pegs too.

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Not a single one!! The loom is easy to use. There are tons of bands included. Emma keeps everything together in one spot. AND I’m getting homemade jewelry too! What’s not to love?!?!

Emma wanted me to add that her new Sunshine Loom is so much cooler than the old loom she had; as a matter of fact if you want her old one you can have it; she won’t be using it again.

We love this loom!!!!  Thank you FriendlyBands!!

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  • Natalie Brown

    Your granddaughter is just precious! This kit is super cool. I’ve seen others and they’re not as complete as this. That’s pretty neat that you can watch how-to videos online too. Thank-you for the information & review!

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