Prince Lionheart playMAT

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

You can really count on Prince Lionheart for amazing products! It’s my experience that Prince Lionheart has quality products that not only last through one child but last through MULTIPLE children!! Check out our new Prince Lionheart playMAT. A FUN, colorful, comfortable, play mat for kids!!
First, it’s HUGE!! As in OVER 6 feet by almost a full 5 feet!! Not only is the mat large, it’s also thick! 8mm thick! MORE to love? The playMAT folds up! This mat will fit in just about any space you want!! From the park to a narrow hall way, depending on how you fold the mat.

The playMAT is colorful!! A Zoo scene on one side and a City scene on the other. 3 Year old Alice is obsessed with the San Diego Zoo and animals in general, so we have pretty much ignored the City Scene. 4 Year old Eli is car obsessed so he pretty much ignores the Zoo side. I LOVE THIS!!! It works for both boys and GIRLS!!! Toddlers and babies! I really think this mat will be used for YEARS to come!!

We are continually finding new and fun ways to use our new playMAT. From counting animals; to putting the zoo toy animals in their proper spots in the zoo. From counting the creatures to playing “I SPY” with the items on the mat. Even the Princesses have gone to the ZOO.

When the kids are done for the day; the playMAT folds away and is stored in it’s own carrying case!! Princes Lionheart thought of EVERYTHING!!!

This is truly a well-designed playMAT!! This playMAT is an imagination treasure trove!!

Yes, I know…. NaNa went nuts with the camera again….. can’t help it! Adorable playMAT, equally adorable model!!

The Prince Lionheart mat would be perfect baby shower gift!! A gift that really will grow with baby. How fun would this mat be for tummy time!!
We give The Prince Lionheart playMAT 6 enthusiastic thumbs WAY, WAY UP!!!



  • Diane K. Brimmer

    This Prince Lionheart playMAT is so awesome. This wouldd be perfect with Lay-n-Go Toy Storage CarryALL! You could keep the animals in there and even pretend it is a lake. Considering you have a blue one.

  • Rhonda Martin

    This would make a great preschool nap time mat. I think it would be wonderful to have such a cute mat to sleep on. So this Prince LionHeart could be used for both play and sleep.

  • nancy chipriano

    Both of my toddlers LOVE animals and this mat sounds perfect for them! We have a tiled floor in part of their play area and this mat would be great for them to play on.

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